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Belin’s Wedding Photos, Kizomba dance, Twin Flame Stuff

Happy combined family “““““““““““““““““““““““ ““““““““““““““““““““““““““` ““““““““““““““““““““““““““““` Kizomba Dance: One of the dances I am learning! Finally a dance just for a woman with a big butt! PS: leave your comments…

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How to Ask Mataji for your Miracle!

* Prefer Audio? Mataji has give me miracle after miracle from Driving a Hot Sports car to friends gifting me with $100 Bills! To getting dance partners, to having…

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What My “Star Friends” say about Sexuality

Good Lord the aliens are at it again! Well, it seems kinda’ rude to call ’em that… So, from now on…I shall say “Star Friends” After all, WE would be the…

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Who Do You Need to Throw off Your Wagon?

Sometimes you need to throw a few people off your wagon when you are pulling it in the game of life! Are they helping…or hurting? Did this inspire you to…

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Your Good is NOT Lost! (The Secret of Overcoming hard Conditions)

From Catherine Ponder’s book “The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages” From the Chapter called: The Secret of Overcoming Hard Conditions” I call on the great Law of restoration, my good…

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