"In the five months following, psychic abilities increased 3-fold. Telepathy with humans and animals is now an everyday occurrence. Dreams have opened so many doors of experience. And teachers, guides and those who have agreed to meet and connect in this life continue to amaze me.

So often, our family of birth may not be our soul family. This is a good time to awaken and remember.

Rebecca is an amazing instrument for that which guides her. Her openness and willingness to embrace the Divine is a true gift for any and all drawn to her journey and work. (And, she is a great dancer.)"

- Floyd Striegel

Pineal Activation Class

"This activation resulted in my knowing that a sacred beloved will be coming to me soon. I know that a sacred sexual union will propel my healing abilities forward so that my true soul purpose may be fulfilled.

KA Body healing will allow me to do my healing work more effortlessly and more effectively than ever before."

- Patti Felici

Live Spiritual Activation

"Tangible results are a feeling of more confidence in myself and my connection with Spirit. A feeling of peace and acceptance of myself. A feeling of togetherness with Spirit.

Loneliness is only a word and has no meaning.

Things I see are of positive, healthy, good, better and fantastic energy, waves and spirals of all colors and power at my command."

- Mark Kryzanowski

Live Seminar Review

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