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Recently, in my meditation, I felt the presence of many crystal beings. The spokesperson, my friend Roxy, got my attention. And I asked, “What can I do for you?” She replied immediately, “Bring us more to life by taking us out of the dark caverns and into the sunlight.”

Rebecca, take all your crystals and put them outside in the sun. Leave them for three days and nights as we benefit from the starlight and moonlight as well.

All crystals and Crystal beings communicate with each other. By giving light with intent, you feed the souls of all who are still encased in the earth. There is a great crystal connection, a grid system all underneath the Earth’s crust.

By intending to connect us with the sunlight… we are better able to communicate with each other and bring more amplification and good to this planet.

As keepers of wisdom and with the mission to amplify, we choose to amplify good! Power from your sun nourishes us and gives us more intensity. Imagine this amplifying the power of your heart love as we grow in amplification power.

We also affect the tiny crystals in your pineal gland and throughout your body. We shall all benefit from your loving actions to bring in more light.

(I immediately gathered all my crystals and took them outside in the sun.)

Please ask your readers if they will do this too…adding to the power of their own amplification for GOOD!

In loving service to the Light, Roxy

From Rebecca: This message made so much sense to me! Our loving intent to bring sunlight, starlight, and moonlight to the crystal grid beneath the earth is a powerful act of giving!

Spirit has said to me so often…The most powerful treasure in all of the Universe is the magnetic frequency of a human heart…giving love on purpose!

Will you check in with your inner guidance and help? Will you take your crystals outside in the sunlight? No special ceremony is needed, although you may want to whisper a prayer of blessing!

Love, Rebecca

PS: Will you pass this transmission along to others? There is no time limit. It is fine to leave the crystals out for 3 days or even longer. On the 3rd day you may start to experience a tingly awakening in your pineal or elsewhere in your body. KNOW that you are helping to strengthen the crystal grid system that helps hold our magnetic earth in balance.

PPS: THis is an image of my own crystals outside on a picnic table. I just happened to have a copper pyramid that my husband made for me and I placed it over them. Pyramids amplyfy, preserve and protect.

BTW…Roxy says there are lots of crystal structures and pyramids far under the earth that have never been discovered. Untold powers and mysteries that await the magnitic power of a human heart…giving love on purpose!



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