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Meet Roxy, spokesperson for the Crystal Kingdom

Free Event Aug 3, at 7 PM eastern, 6 Pm central, 4 Pm pacific


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You will be meeting Roxy, spokesperson for the Crystal Kingdom! You will have a chance to ask your personal questions!

She will be giving us advice on how to use the power of frequency to enhance our life!

Thursday  Aug 3rd at  7 PM eastern, 6 PM central, 5 PM Pacific.



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  1. Justin Grodzicki on September 14, 2023 at 3:27 am

    Hello Rebecca my name is Justin Grodzicki, was born and raised in San Diego California moved around for a little bit and ended up in Seattle Washington. I got your downloads and your information from aspire 3 and I’m actually excited to indirectly meet you. I look forward to your content and I’m hoping that with a little time I will learn some things and help myself and my healing from all the catastrophic things that have happened to me. just a short synopsis of what happened to me in 2009 I was struck by an automobile at 50 miles an hour and left for dead. It took me 3 years to learn how to walk again. where I went from not walking at all after the accident to a wheelchair, then do a walker then to crutches and today I still work with a king looking at even more surgeries today’s day 9 12 2023. I lost my father at a young age only 17 I hadn’t even graduated from high school yet and I was well on my way to the pro golf circuit. at that time I had a scholarship to any for colleges of my choice and then my father died at 47. I think it has trouble with me along my years of getting older which now I am 61 years old. Let’s back the truck up just a bit at this time I don’t obviously want to tell you my entire life story. I will say this before the accident my mother had passed which I was taking care of her in Palm springs I then moved to Seattle in the accident happened she died here before I was hit. shortly after that time frame I lost my young nephew 14 to Motocross racing which we were extremely close it caused much separation within the family but also unity. shortly after that my second. oldest brother had passed from a brain aneurysm. through all this I have flopped in floundered into relationships in which both of them led to both women cheating on me for my shortcomings after my accident. today I’m a single man looking for closure and peace and a chance to rebuild myself and refined who I used to be. I have been getting into Mr More programs to where it led me to you. I signed up for your 30-day love message or whatever that was and I look forward to receiving it.

    P.S. the website listed below is in the parked mode and it’s not currently live.

    Sincerely Justin Grodzicki
    Proline Digital Products™

  2. Zainab on August 3, 2023 at 3:45 am

    Bless you Rebecca.

    Thank you.

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