Your Good is NOT Lost! (The Secret of Overcoming hard Conditions)

From Catherine Ponder’s book “The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages”

From the Chapter called: The Secret of Overcoming Hard Conditions”

I call on the great Law of restoration, my good of past and present is now divinely restored.
All the blessings that should have  been mine are still available to me, in whatever present form is best.

They have not been lost. They still come forth in God’s own wonderful way, I claim my present blessings, too.
The good that is for me now presses up on me and I accept it. I am receiving my highest good of mind, body and affairs now!

My accumulated good of past and present now pours forth into my life as rich blessings, and I welcome them.
It will be as though the windows of heaven have opened up to you as you persevere daily and affirming these success attitudes.


Affirm this prayer daily.

Blessings and Gratitude to Catherine Ponder for her wonderful words!