Roxy: Crystal Kingdom Transmission

Recently, I attended a two-day healing event in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored by Star Magic.
I had no health issues to fix, yet I felt a strong inner pull to attend. During the event, something truly magical happened.
The facilitator, Jerry Sargent, had brought 18 unique crystal skulls from the realm of Andara.
 In one of the meditations, I had an otherworldly encounter with a crystal being named Roxy. She said that she is of the Crystal Kingdom and here to assist in humanity’s ascension through understanding and shifting frequency.
The skulls are said to be a representation of these amazing crystal beings!
Roxy and I connected on a deep level, and she had an extraordinary proposition for me. She asked if I would be a spokesperson for the crystal kingdom. 
Now, I couldn’t just jump into it without ensuring she was absolutely pure and of the light.
So, the first thing I asked was…Why did you pick me? 
Roxy responded: We chose you because of your beautiful heart, your joy in life, and the fun and light you share with others!
She added… When you walked into the healing room, you had a big sign over you that shouted…Divine feminine.
Roxy continues: Understand, we are very powerful readers of frequency! It is vital for humanity to be aware of the frequency they are in and to be able to shift that frequency to a higher vibration.
We are willing and able to help with this! Greatly encouraged by her service to the Light, right then and there, I began channeling her messages through writing.
It felt like the beginning of an extraordinary journey.
Roxy assisted me with a personal matter (without me even asking, she can read the questions BEFORE you ask!) 
I had been in a quandary about what coach to hire to help me expand this healing ministry. Several individuals looked really good to me, but I felt confused over who I would best fit with.
Roxy said this to me: We have scanned your frequency, comparing those to the frequencies of all the ones you were thinking of hiring.
While you CAN learn from ALL…we see your frequency matches more with SE. You will assimilate and USE her knowledge. This will be most beneficial to help expand your ministry.
Immediately upon my return from Atlanta, I got in touch with SE and am already learning from her.
The great thing is, just by this crystal connection, I now can read frequencies with lightning speed and with far greater clarity than ever before! In meditation, 
I was conversing with Roxy about the relationships between the angelic kingdom, Divine realms, and humans.
Roxy states: Your soul came here to grow and expand. “What makes my heart sing”? This is the most important question you should be asking yourself.
For whatever it is that makes your heart sing. You can be sure there are light beings who enjoy it too. As you express your joy no matter what that is.
You are raising your vibration, your frequency, and allowing light beings to bask in that frequency as well.
There is no need to try and target a certain light being or deity figure. The one or ones most suited to help you will be seeking you out. 
(This includes, Angelic Beings, Saints, Elementals, off planet species, Fae, and of course your traditional Spiritual icons.)
Just as you have certain actions, thoughts, and movements that satisfy your soul…So do we. Whether from the crystal kingdom, such as we are …or from the dedicated religion, or deities you feel most comfort from.
As Beings of Light, we are aware of whom we are most suited to help expand. As you expand, so do we expand.
The desire for growth is an innate desire that is prevalent all over the universe. Every species is implanted from the very beginning of time, with the desire for growth.
Resisting curiosity about how growth can serve, will cause stagnation.
It takes greater will to remain stationary than it does to turn loose and expand. 
The question that will make your life better in the fastest way possible is simple….When considering any change or action, ask “Will this make my soul grow?
No need to fret over this. As your soul expands, it will light up your life. It’s so hard for humans to take in the unfathomable fact… That which makes your soul sing is what you came forth to experience. 
Yes and to use as a catalyst for growth. As we see, from the Crystal Kingdom, humans somehow believe there is a great need to suffer.
And through that suffering expansion will come. We say that in suffering Yes, you may learn to appreciate the opposite of suffering. 
And yet if you gave yourself permission to truly follow your heart’s calling, yes to unashamedly follow what brings your heart joy.
You would find your life expanding and opening up doors that have seemingly been shut to you up until now. We would ask you to drop to your heart and honor those desires that are within your heart.
~ Fantasize about acting out on those desires.
~ Fantasize about being in union with many light beings.
~ Fantasize about your life becoming better and better and better.
 For as you place your attention upon a thing… that thing begins to grow and expand.
It becomes a magnet. You can liken it to having a magnet in your heart. That magnet might feel rather weak at times and yet….what makes your magnet grow stronger is your attention to the joy that your heart longs for.
Give yourself permission to let your heart sing and dance.
Give yourself permission right now. To do one thing that your heart has been longing for.
If it gives you joy to sing, break out into a song right now …no waiting. Aren’t you tired of waiting?
If it gives your heart joy to dance, stop, get up and dance right now. (As I was bringing this in, I hopped right up…put my buddy Al Green on and danced!)
We promise you that when you begin to act on your joy… your life will begin to expand in ways you could never have believed.
I am Roxy of the Crystal Kingdom speaking through Rebecca.
~ End Transmission
From Rebecca:
Every day, since we met, Roxy has been giving me incredible, usable wisdom for our growth.
More sharing soon.
Love, Rebecca
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