How to Ask Mataji for your Miracle!


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Mataji has give me miracle after miracle from Driving a Hot Sports car to friends gifting me with $100 Bills! To getting dance partners, to having my hotel paid for…on and on.

Click here to see the “Blood Union” I did with Mataji. (Audio course so you can too)

Mataji sister and soul twin to Babaji, is coming out of her
cave to serve humanity in a new and powerful way.

History. Babaji was master to Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and
Yogananda. Babaji is the most powerful Avatar, he lives in the
Himalayas materializing from this air.

His sister, Mataji has been
dwelling in a cave, gaining power and is now ready to be of concrete
assistance to mankind.

She first appeared to me in a dream- as clear as day.

Mataji would like to begin by instructing you how to ask her for a
small miracle

So I asked Mataji…” why do you say ask me for a small miracle?”

Mataji  replies. ” because your faith must grow.
If you cannot accept a small miracle… How can you accept a larger one?”

She adds  … “And  when the small miracle occurs if, you pick it to
death with analytics… How can you be ready for something greater?”

Here is the process:

Begin with this prayer,

Mataji, I want to trust you.  The messenger says that you are ready
to leave your cave and begin active work with humanity.

I open my heart to you so that you can see my desires

Please do a small miracle for me I promise not to nitpick it… but
to be in gratitude.
I open my heart to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

From my own experience  Mataji appeared to me in a dream and said…
“go home to your children and I will take care of everything.” (This meant
a move of 350 miles)

I simply listened and started the process. And guess what? I did not
have to spend a penny!

Mataji sent a friend to bring me brand-new boxes bubble wrap and tape
that I needed.

She sent another friend to bring his truck, rent me a U-Haul, and
even pay movers to load it all up!

Oh yes, she provided a rent free, no strings attached, beautiful
place for me to move into.

Question:  Rebecca, you are a medium and channel and it’s easy for
you to hear the divine… How can someone with not as much experience get in
touch with Mataji?

Answer: Follow the prayer she has given

You don’t need any special skills to open your heart to her and ask
her for a small miracle.

Question:  Why do I have to open my heart to her and let her choose
the small miracle? I already have a big list of miracles that I need
right now!

Answer:  Mataji desires to have a “relationship” with you. Handing
her a laundry list of stuff to do for you it’s no way to start a
mutually beneficial relationship.

How would you like to meet someone who wants a relationship with you
and have them hand you a big list of Favors they wanted before the relationship
even starts?

From Rebecca: When I started my relationship with Mataji I had no
idea she would be working miracles for me as a matter fact I don’t
think I even realized they were miracles until I look back upon it.

I did not ask for any…I guess Mataji just took a peek at my desires and
went to work.

I challenge you, after you say the prayer sit back relax and be
watching for the small miracles to take place and by the way the more
you pay attention to the small miracles the greater miracles you will

A dear lady asked me…” what pleases mother the most?”  I replied
mother just like any other mother, cherishes your attention and your
love. Give her attention and love and she will shower you with

Love and happiness, Rebecca

PS: Another small miracle. Last weekend, I wanted to go dancing at the beach.
It is 78 miles from my new home and I would have had to rent a motel.

I also wanted a friend to dance with me.
When I arrived at the motel, I discovered that a friend had paid my motel
bill in full.
Oh yes, and I got taken out to dinner, danced with and had a lovely time…
no strings attached.
Thank you, Mataji!

Click here to see the “Blood Union” I did with Mataji. (Audio course so you can too)

PSS: Just in…another Miracle. This time, I did ask for a specific miracle. I asked for the video below to reach 30,000 views within 48 hours. (It already had over 26,000 but that was a stretch)

PSSS: I barely wished to see what it’s like to drive a Hot Sports car (I NEVER have)

This week, a friend loaned me this one.

Little Black Corvette!

Little Black Corvette!

When you ask Mataji for a miracle, don’t be so picky about how She delivers.  I never expected friends to give me 100 dollars bills or loan me a hot sports car…and be ready to say YES! Yes, when people offer.

Click here to see the “Blood Union” I did with Mataji. (Audio course so you can too)

When you watch the video, remember that it IS a Mini-workshop. Set aside about 50 minutes to fully experience this. Pineal Gland Cleanse Video

Click here to see the “Blood Union” I did with Mataji. (Audio course so you can too)

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