What My “Star Friends” say about Sexuality

Good Lord the aliens are at it again! Well, it seems kinda’ rude to call ’em that… So, from now on…I shall say “Star Friends”

After all, WE would be the aliens if we visited their homes.

A few days ago, I was looking for a lost journal and instead , I
found a whole book I had channeled about a year ago.

The information is from a group of High Beings of Light who hail from
many dimensions and galaxies. (Including our Pleadian friends)

They simply call themselves…”The Group”

How can you channel a whole book and forgot you did it?
hmmm…it just wasn’t time.

Did I write that book?

Now it is…time.

So, I will share little tidbits with you.
Some of the info is so intense, it blows MY mind…and folks, that
takes some doing!

First Tidbit:

#1. Sexuality is the Lost Key to Spirituality.
The union of sex and spirit… What a concept!

What happens in the body during sacred sexual excitement is akin
to what can happen when sexuality is embraced from a spiritual

For too long now sexuality has been viewed as something less than
holy for certain.

Choose a high being of light and ask them to participate when you are in
sacred sexual union …(Don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger)
Or invite them to participate when you are engaging in any Physical pleasure.

This alludes to the premise and very true concept that we are not

You are thinking that you can share your pleasure with the gods?
That they are yearning to feel the Ecstasy only humans can feel?

You are correct!

I'm sexy and I know it?

Share the Pleasure of Being Human!

The only way High Beings of Light can participate is if they are invited.

Do you think any part of your body is dirty?
Not sacred?
Do you think spirit leaves your body when you are engaging in physical pleasure?

Do you think God/Goddess covers their eyes when you are doing the juicy mambo?
Do you think Gods turns away when you go potty or pick your nose?
Do you think you are only holy when you are on your knees in prayer?


You are always holy and sacred and able to experience intense
spiritual growth through the realization that as you invite spirit to
participate in Everything…you evolve mightily.

However, this is only part of the equation. To be fully reciprocal,
you must open fully to the joys the spirit world would bring to you.

Yes, it it’s two way giving…

More on this very soon.

Leave your comments and let me know what else you want to know from these
Heavenly Visitors who want to shake us, wake us, and help us evolve.

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