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My Soul is Lonely! Treatment with Heart Point Technique


Some of Sacred Words used in Emerald tablets


PURIFICATION Audio of Flower/Flame  of Life Meditation inspired by the Emerald Tablets

Flower of Fire!

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This is the way, Thoth asked me to do his book…

“Make it easy to read with chapter and verse format. This version will be ANOINTED with The Fire of Eternal Flame!” (I got surges of spiritual energy as I was creating this…my editor did too as she was working on the manuscript!) 

So  easy to read with large font, Chapter and verse, and built in pages for YOUR notes!

Balance of the Poles meditation from the Emerald Tablets

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Special Blessing of Thoth

Clip One is a Message and Blessing of Thoth

How I met the Archangel Gabriel

Full story


Meditation: Connect and  KNOW Your Heart’s Desire

(from Emerald Tablet 3 in Plain English)

Meditations from the Divine Mother Azna book