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I Love Burt!

I know you will LOVE Burt Goldman as much I do when he shares some of his secrets with us…secrets from over 50 years of doing intense energy work! Burt…

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Advanced HPT Demo

  Do you crave more Divine light and better energy healing techniques to help yourself, others, and the planet? For your invested time and energy do you want the Absolute…

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Register for HPT for Oil Spill

Please forgive me. I dropped the ball. Name Email Over a year ago I was given a beautiful energy healing modality “Heart Point technique” and I have not done a…

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Free Peek Into the Future

 Just fill in the form below and you will have INSTANT access to step by step instructions on how to Do the technique with your self or anyone else. “How…

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Peek into the Future

“How Anyone Can Peek into the Future  With no Psychic  Skills or Training Whatsoever.”   Wow! Does that sound impossible?   Absolutely not impossible… with my easy, energy technique. In…

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