Register for HPT for Oil Spill

Please forgive me.

I dropped the ball.


Over a year ago I was given a beautiful energy healing modality “Heart Point technique” and I have not done a lot to get it out.

Because I used HPT”with a friend that was in complete distress and saw  that stress completely alleviated(and the energy do a 180 for the better) helped me realize how valuable this technique is.


Now, Mother God and Data Dastagir Badsha (The Big Saint) are asking me to present HPT to you for healing of “The Gulf Oil Spill”


We will be doing surrogate work for the animals, plants and water affected. (I will be asking for volunteers on the call to “hold space” for various aspects of nature)

And boy oh boy will we be asking “forgiveness” on behalf of humanity.

Spirit says there is already a solution!

 (The other side has been working on it since before this occurred)

There is a person or group who has the knowledge planted within them.

Our job, using HPT is to “Open a Portal of Higher knowledge” so that this wisdom can be recognized with ease.


On the call, I will share with you part of the reason this spill occurred (from spirit) and what else we can do to help.

This is a chance for you to experience the power of “heart Point technique” in a very real way. We will see results. This disaster has done much to awaken the planet.

Still, I feel it is our job as responsible humans to do everything we can to clean up this mess. We cannot stand by and point our fingers at ‘the evil oil companies” and fell no sense of responsibility.


We will focus our very powerful collective energies on “The Solution” and bless it like crazy.

Have you been only focusing on the mess? Oops! This can cause “the mess” to have increased energy.


The laws of nature are fully in place here.(What you focus on grows stronger)

There is no charge for this experiential call- If you cannot attend, register anyway and I will send you the audio after class.


Pass this to whomever you feel would like to:

A. Experience the power of a new healing modality (HPT) for something that really, really, really counts.

B. Learn how to do ‘surrogate’ work from the heart.

C. Be part of global healing on a very REAL level.

D. Experience HPT to clear any “worthiness” issues.

( Spirit says that we must do this first- if some part of you does not feel “worthy” to hold space for the animals and plants, you will not be as effective. a “transmitter of light”


I will hold this 1 hour  class twice on Thursday June 24.

One ticket gets you entrance to Both events.

4-5 eastern

9-10 eastern