Do you crave more Divine light and better energy healing techniques to help yourself, others, and the planet?

For your invested time and energy do you want the Absolute most power available from a healing modality?

In spite of all your studies on the law of attractions  do you still find times you are  worried sick about the economy or your physical safety and wellbeing?


Then you will love Advanced Heart Point Technique!

Basic Heart Point Technique, given to us by Mother God,  teaches us to tap into the wisdom of the inner heart. Alone it is wonderful! When combined with 2 additional steps it becomes an incredible  vortex of power and light.


How it happened:

Mother God sent me the assistance of Data Dastagir Badsha (powerful Sufi Saint) whose energy is so electrifying it literally knocked me over when I first met him. Now, he is my main guide and works day and night to bring in new spiritual power for us.

Data Dastagir (with Azna, mother God’s blessing) gave me 2 additional steps to incorporate in basic HPT. This  cranked HPT up so much that even beginners can grow spiritually by leaps and bounds!

Just the act of doing advanced HPT raises your vibrations and opens you to spiritual insight like never before. Using Advanced HPT- you will discover that your biggest fears… are simply doorways for healing.

Join me for a live demonstration of Advanced Heart Point Technique

We will focus on your greatest need whatever that may be Financial, Emotional or Spiritual.  Advanced HPT Rocks!

Two class times offered so more can attend.

Wed June 30 , 4-5 Pm eastern

Wed June 30, 9-10 PM eastern

One ticket gets you entrance to Both events

(if you cannot attend, register anyway and I will send you the audio after class)

Register here:


I need volunteers to work with me- this info sent upon registration.