Stargate Mysteries: The Tesla Method

 June 17th, 18th, In person or ZOOM.

The delightful truth is this…we will ALL be absorbing this from the mindset of playfullness!

As you read the description below…you may think, Wow! This is a LOT!

However, when you let this be like PLAY, you will be AMAZED at what you will be able to do!

Play is FUN!

Let’s have some together!

There are so many ‘frequency experts’ desiring to teach you.

…it will be like having your choice of an entire squadron of powerful, super-beings to guide you!

Imagine being able to call yourself…

Level One Frequency Healer : The Tesla Method. (Certification option available)

Nikola Tesla comes to me regularly asking me to present a course on his knowledge of frequency.

A school for those who desire to learn to heal with frequencies.

(I decided to pay  attention when Mr. Tesla  sent a TESLA automobile to ding my vehicle just AFTER he gave me the message!!)

…and the fact that he is giving me very good healing information on the use of frequencies!

 THANKFULLY, Nikola has developed a bright sense of humor since he has been on the “Other Side”.

Nikola Tesla has given me EXACT instructions on how to open the brain to channel in HIS frequency!

You already know that all healing whether spiritual, physical or emotional involves being able to shift frequencies from one form to a more beneficial form…right?

We will  be using several”frequency shifting” modalities that will are able to heal and shift on a deep level.

A combination of these modalities creates: The Tesla Method of Frequency Healing

man, nikola tesla, inventor

It all begins with introducing you to a Stargate, found in a mysterious cave.

A portal to all realms, dimensions, and beings of Highest Light!

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!

 Here in this sacred space, participants will have direct connection with:


  • Thoth the Atlantean 
  • Azuron Arcturian 10th Dimensional Healer
  • The Egyptian Clearing Pyramids (Clearamids)
  • Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Pleaidians, Dolphins, Fairies, all manner of Off-planet species.
  • And the powerful contributions of Nikola Tesla!


Before I tell you the rest, let me tell you WHO can benefit most from this event.

 (This way…if it turns you off, you can just stop reading and not waste your precious time.)

 Stargate Mysteries : The Tesla Method, will assist you if: (Check how many apply to you)

  • You have a deep hunger to be more spiritually advanced.
  • You desire to fulfill your soul purpose to the best of your ability. 
  • You KNOW you are a healer at heart and maybe you are not quite sure how.
  • You desire to be a healing presence to yourself and others.
  • You love to think and BE outside the box.
  • You have a deep desire  to be more intuitive.
  • You would LOVE to be able to communicate with the “Other Side”
  • You would LOVE to connect with your Star Family.
  • You LOVE the idea of Direct Interaction with Nikola Tesla!

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!

 COWARDS Welcome!


If you feel concern that you will be able to benefit from this seminar…you are in the right place!

You are NORMAL! 

All the Beings of Light who are part of this event are already working on your behalf to adjust your frequencies. 

Relax…come on in…the easy world angels are at work to make this SO easy for you!

selective focus photography of brown hamster

Most Common Fears:

From years of teaching people to channel, these fears are normal and easy to transmute with my methods.

  • I don’t have any talent, or can’t DO it. (You just don’t recognize YOUR gifts as healing gifts…just pretend)
  • I can’t trust the info I am getting. ( This is old programming- we will take it out)
  • I can’t do it as well as the other people. (You just don’t SEE what YOUR gifts are…so, just PLAY like you can!)
  • Some people are just not born with certain abilities. ( We ALL have the capacity to be healers, you just don’t recognize yours)
  • What will other people think? (This is an old tribal imprint, we can take that right out)

 The Secret is in the Frequencies!

pink and green light fixture

Because of the use of Frequency VS Struggle… this course transcends the need to ‘know how’.

 Wherever you are in your journey right now…you can expect to be MORE as you leave this event. 

You can relax as you are bathed in the uplifting, life enhancing frequencies of the Star Cave.

Transformation becomes effortless as you let go and let the frequencies do the work. 

 The Star Cave: What it is and what it can do for you

water falls on brown rocky mountain


In 2001 I was taken from my body to a sacred healing cave high in the Mountains of Peru. 

The walls were made of some ‘other world’ material and there were strange etchings 

on the walls and even the ceiling. 

Spirit explained that these were the languages of our forebears.  Ancient civilizations, 

Star beings and even Inner Earth Beings had visited this cave and left their imprints there.

The cave is a depository of the best healing, technical, spiritual information from all worlds. 

 No human had been there before or since I was taken there by Spirit. 

At that time, I was given a mission regarding the cave and its messages. 

I failed miserably to carry out that mission. 

I allowed another to have authority over my sovereign mission! 


Never again. 

 Fast forward to a year ago when I began to be taken spontaneously back to 

that same cave! Newer mysteries are being shown to me constantly. 

It began with a revelation about the main crystal that powered Atlantis.


There I met the High priest of Atlantis, Thotme, who was priest at the time of Atlantis submersion. 

He disclosed that I was his wife at that time. Thotme is also the father of Thoth the Atlantean. It makes me wonder…could I also be the Mother of Thoth? (He sure does love me.)

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!


What it does: Elevates your frequencies and gives you access to all dimensions.


In this event, participants will be taken to the cave and encouraged to ‘use’ 

the power of the symbols on the walls.  

You WILL be able to do this! (You don’t need to worry~ I will hold your hand and guide you step by step.)

Your frequencies will be elevated so high you will feel like walking on water. 

(The hotel is right on the bay, so you won’t have far to go!)


Thoth the Atlantean: Who He is and What he does

Thoth the Atlantean escaped from Atlantis in a flying craft as it was sinking. 

He flew to primitive Egypt and began to civilize the then “hairy barbarians”. When at first they tried to attack Him, he simply stopped  them with His paralyzing ray. He was WAAAAY ahead with the use of frequencies!

 A few years ago, I met  Thoth the Atlantean. 

(I did not ask…I never do, these Beings just appear and give me messages)

Thoth requested that I organize His writings, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Alantean into chapter and verse format, much like the Bible. I have done this and it is for sale all over the world.

In exchange, Thoth promised me “a life of greater ease” and He has surely made good on that promise. (BTW, that in itself is a topic for another workshop.)

Thoth is the son of Thotme, who was High priest of Atlantis when it was submerged.

 In the Emerald Tablets, Thoth says: T1, V8~ “And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, Thotme,  Keeper of the Great temple, link between the Children of Light and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands.” 


What Thoth does: Brings more light, more advancement and hidden knowledge to all who desire it.  

 Thoth appeared to me recently and showed me a vision of what He calls an “Atlantean Tuning Device.” He instructed me to design this of copper and give one to each in-person participant in the June event. 

Every person who attends live will receive one and instructions on how to Attune your own frequencies to a higher level.

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!


Azuron Arcturian 10th Dimensional Healer: Who he is and what he can do for you.

 I read about Azuron in Tom Kenyon’s book… The Arcturian Anthology. 

Azuron was an Arcturian Physician on a spaceship orbiting and protecting the earth.


He was killed in a skirmish as the Acturians were defending earth from nefarious predators. 

Upon death, Azuron chose to go to the 10th dimension instead of reincarnating. 

 He found that he was STILL a healer and would visit to check on his former patients.

Azuron had no arms or hands as he was now rotating spheres of light…yet he could do much using the power of “Intending Frequencies.”

 As I read about Azuron, he came to me.

He asked if I would be his arms and hands and provide healing using his frequencies. Azuron explained that human and Arcturian physiology are very similar. 

I offered clients Azuron healing sessions for a while and they were outstanding. 

I could write an entire page about Azuron and his “dimensional” healing…I will save it for those who attend the course and can put it to good use. Be ready for the union of human frequencies with Arcturian frequencies! This will ROCK!

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!


The Egyptian Clearing Pyramids: (Clearamids) What they are and what they can do for you.

 I first learned about these wonders in facilitator training with Jerry Sargeant, creator of Star Magic. 

Jerry said he uses these Egyptian Clearing Pyramids, to break up stagnant energies so that he can do the healing. 

 When I started using them it was far more than I could have imagined!

They went into a client’s body and reported all they saw back to me. They even started healing before I even asked them too! 

 When I meditated  on WHY these  tiny pyramids were so powerful in my hands…

the Goddess Isis spoke: “Rebecca, you used these tiny pyramids in your healing work when you were an initiate in the temples of Isis…of course, it comes naturally to you!”


One of my clients nicknamed them…CLEARAMIDS! 

 In my last seminar, The Magdalene Method, I taught participants how to use the Egyptian Clearing Pyramids.

All  were amazed that they were  able to pick that up so easily. 

 From Cindee Farkus: The clearmids are so fun! I KNOW I can call on them to help me and work on others. 

 From Patricia Felici: What fun! I KNOW this is life-changing!

 From Dawn Storey: Clear-amids – This was so fun and gave me confidence in my abilities to tap into my intuition and healing guidance. 

 Very Beneficial for all.  Both myself and the lady I partnered with  found areas of healing needed, that neither of us  knew about the other, so more confirmation.

 Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Pleaidians, Dolphins, Fairies, Atlanteans, Lemurians, all manner of Off-planet species: Who they are and what they do.

 The Sacred Star Cave is a Stargate and a portal to all worlds! It is a depository of information from many civilizations. Each one of you who feels the call, is already pre-qualified to receive the benefits of this information.

I will teach you HOW to tune in to the frequencies and communications most suited for your energy. It’s like a huge shot of Intergalactic Medicine for your body, mind and soul!

You will LOVE how you feel as you experience this transformation. 

You may discover a whole new world of talents that you COULD  use to:

  • Make More Money- So you can have more peace of mind.
  • Heal more people – So you can be a source of comfort to others.
  • Heal yourself- So you can feel GOOD and ready to serve your purpose.
  • Make more time for yourself – So you can spend more time with loved ones and friends.
  • Create a new career – This can open your eyes to possibilities you have never considered. 
  • Eliminate mental stress- Knowing you have access to Higher frequencies at all times brings a feeling of safety and calm.
  • Feel more ALIVE and vibrant- Everyone will wonder what on earth you are doing to GLOW with vibrancy! You can change the energies around you simply by your intentions!

Being in the cave with  various species gives you an opportunity to bask in and absorb many  life-enhancing frequencies. 

Just by BEING THERE, you can be changed in remarkable ways!

 Again…you don’t need to worry HOW this will happen. 

My commission is to provide a safe container, to make possible the alchemy of shifting frequencies. 

I have every confidence that as you SHOW UP, all things are possible for you!

Your choice Live Event or Zoom!

 Nikola Tesla: Who he is and what he can do for you.

 It is no secret that Tesla was a great inventor and  master of frequencies! When he came to me (at 3 AM), I thought it  odd that he was asking me to help people get in touch with him, to learn more about using frequencies. 

 When I asked Nikola WHY he picked me, he replied: “Because you can HEAR me… and because you will DO something with the information I give you.”

(It seems I have a reputation for being a good listener and also a blabbermouth…if information is helpful, you can bet I will be spreading it around!)

 Tesla continues: “It is my intent to inspire all who desire to communicate with me and guide them in developing and using the power of frequencies. 

This is why I am calling this course: The Tesla Method of Frequency Healing

There is unlimited power in learning to manipulate frequencies!

  As you learn to pay attention to HOW you are using frequency, you may direct those frequencies into action. This can lead to obtaining all that you desire. Knowing WHAT kinds of frequencies to command is the most valuable tool you could ever have!”

 Ok, so Tesla speaks a bit formally… He has already informed me that he was very connected to the stars, pyramids, and numerology. He even published  an article about communicating with other species many years ago! He has also given me insight into the pigeons, the supposed death ray and other tidbits. 

 What Tesla can do for you:

For some… He will assist with shifting  frequencies that can make you more prosperous. 

For some…He is ready to give technical information.

For some…He will assist in choosing better health frequencies. 

For ALL… He desires to help  improve all phases of  your life by learning WHICH frequencies are most beneficial, no matter the situation. 

 Tesla says that whatever your talents are…connecting with him will make those talents stronger and more beneficial!

 Curiously, as I was taking down a message from Tesla, my doorbell rang. A young lady stood there and informed me that she had accidentally dinged my vehicle that was parked on the street. What was she driving? 

A TESLA car!

 Ok, Mr. Tesla, I get it…I will put you in my seminar and teach seekers HOW to get in touch with you. 

 What would YOU most like to ask Nikola Tesla?

Important to know:

Attending this  event will give you exposure to  all the modalities mentioned.

You may find you resonate MORE with one or two. You get to choose which you would like to develop further.

You will have a certificate of attendance. You have a chance to be CERTIFIED Level One Frequency Practitioner after you have completed 9 case studies. (Details avaible at event)

There will be a private facebook group for you to play  and practice in!

Here is What you get:

Hard to put a value on techniques that are so UNIQUE! Most of this is simply NOT taught anywhere else!

  • Connecting with Thoth The Atlantean and learning to use his frequency adjusting tool, Value $2000.
  • Connecting with Azuron Arcturian 10th Dimensional Healer, and how to use his dimensional healing laboratory  Value $2000
  • Learning to use the Egyptian ‘Clearamids’ Value: $2000
  • Connecting with Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Pleaidians, Dolphins, Fairies, all manner of Off-planet species. Value: Absolutely PRICELESS!
  • Learning to use the frequencies of the Stargate Cave: Value Priceless
  • Connecting with Nikola Tesla: Value Priceless! NOBODY else in the world is teaching this!
  • Instruction manual: Value $597
  • Email support: Value Priceless
  • Video recordings of seminar so you can experience the activations as often as you like!

Total Value: $6,597~ But you won’t have to pay that much!

You choose. live or zoom.

Your choice Live Event or Zoom! ACT NOW to SECURE YOUR Spot!


This is the lowest price this course will ever be offered!

Event days:

June 17, 18

Class times 10 AM to 6 daily 

Lunch is from 1 to 2:30


Details on travel: Full details upon registration


South Shore Harbor Hotel in league City Texas (just outside Houston Texas)  Ask for the Stargate Mysteries rate. 



1st Choice:  Houston Hobby. HOU (Hobby airport is only approx. 18 miles)

2nd Choice: George Bush IAH (almost 50 miles)



2500 South Shore Blvd League City, TX 77573

T: 281-334-1000


Ask for the Stargate Mysteries rate– only $139!


This is a wonderful hotel right on the Marina.

You will enjoy seeing the boats come and go!


Rates start at $139 nightly for those dates

You don’t have to pay the whole amount until you are here.

ALL ROOMS have complimentary refrigerators and there is a grocery store nearby.


If you need to contact me to answer your questions:

Text 956-457-5568

Also on WhatApp under same number

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    Do you have permission to share how to make the Egyptian Dominion rod?

  2. Nikki on May 17, 2023 at 6:24 pm

    I was really glad to see Zoom availability & that’s how I could register.

    This is that ONE thing I decided to do for myself this year.

    No matter how it goes, I see it as a plus.

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  4. Kirsten on April 28, 2023 at 6:41 am

    That sounds great and
    I would love to participate, but that isn’t possible for me ,as I live in Germany and haven’t the possibility to travel so far,because of the costs and the and even if it would be an online event, I wouldn”t have the financial pre-condition to make that happen . I know ,it’s a very generous low price ,for what is offered ,but much too much for me. We have exploding energy and groceries costs over here in Germany and the normal living has become so expensive ,that anything else has become luxury for so many of us over here.
    So even if I cannot participate and join you all, I am thrilled for all of you ,who will participate and work with these powerful frequencies. This will make the world a better place . Wish you a wonderful time and will be with you in spirit .
    Much love from Germany.

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