Feeling like a loser…

I just turned seventy!     04-29-1953

The first thing I did when I woke up that morning was touch my body in gratitude for all the years of service..

I’m so grateful that at my age I am practically pain-free, limber and can dance like any 30 year old.

Now I’d like to share some insights about being vulnerable,

I was at a business conference recently, and there was a speaker there  (Garrain Jones)
spoke about acceptance of self.
 Yes, acceptance of yourself, and all those things about yourself that you’re not proud of.

That night in my hotel room, I made a list of things that I needed to accept about myself, and

all the ways I feel like a loser sometimes.

 We all know we have some shortcomings, yet all we focus on is “how are we going to change those shortcomings.”
The inner critic always sneaks in to beat us up a little for every single shortcoming we perceive that we have. .
What if we could just look at our whole, complete self, shortcomings and all and ACCEPT that?

What if we could LOVE that part of ourselves too?

That doesn’t mean that we might not want to change that one day…it does mean that we accept it right now.

It is easy for me to feel on top of the world when I just finished helping a client with a big issue.

Also easy to feel like a winner when I bring in powerful messages from the Divine!

But what about when I feel like a loser?

What if I could love and accept THAT part of me as well?
Here is where I get vulnerable…This is a partial list of when I feel like I’m just not living up to par.
I made this list so I could look at each item and accept and love that part of me too!

As I did this…without trying to change anything, I felt liberated and a great peace came over me!

~ I feel like a loser when I can’t seem to  write good course descriptions and not many sign up for my courses.
~ I feel like a loser when I eat or drink things I KNOW are not good for me!I
~  feel guilty sometimes for NOT getting up as early as I could.
~ I feel fat and ugly sometimes when I don’t exercise with regularity and eat poorly.
~ I never feel like I do enough. At the end of the days, I always feell like I could have done more…sigh. (Do you ever feel like that?)
~ I feel like a loser when I make mistakes with money and don’t calculate right.

So here is my prayer”

I accept that part of me feels rejected and abandoned by spirit.
I vibrate the energy of pardon to myself for judging myself and others.
I accept the parts of myself that are not wise with money.
I release all blame of self and others…I vibrate the frequency of ‘pardon’ to myself and I vibrate the energy of PRAISE to myself for keeping on.
As I was doing this writing exercise and the prayers of pardon and accepting…a memory from childhood arose.
It made me realize the “root cause” of some of these ‘loser’ feelings. 

When I was a little girl my dad said to me…” you feel inferior”.(

Which translated in my mind as…you ARE inferior!)
Those words crushed my little girl spirit. 
The prayer continues:
I accept that part of me that feels crushed by my dads words.
I vibrate the energy of pardon to dad.
Not just because dad was ignorant, when he said that to me, instead, I vibrate pardon to my dad to set my own self  free.
 And to that little girl who felt so crushed, so small, I vibrate  acceptance, and pardon to those feelings.
My worth does not depend on whether or not people come to my seminars or events.
My worth does not depend on how well I handle finances.
My worth does not depend on whether or not I write good course descriptions, or ALWAYS eat and drink the best things.

No, my worth has never been in question.

Neither has YOUR worth ever been in question.

My acceptance of myself is the only thing that has been in question. (Your acceptance of yourself as well)
 I am so quick to praise others and yet I almost never praise myself …and so in my 70th birthday week, I am changing that.
I accept myself for feeling like a loser sometimes and I praise myself for being vulnerable and sharing my heart with you.
I hope this email helps you think about what parts of  yourself you could just accept and love.

Now, common sense would say…

“Rebecca, why on earth would you let your community know that you sometimes feel like a loser?”


And Inner Wisdom would reply…” So others will love and accept all the things about themselves as well.”
I doubt if there is even ONE among us that has never felt like a loser at one time or another. 

Why not hit REPLY and share your heart with me? Maybe you could use a litte PRAISE for yourself?

I AM very good at giving praise as I can SEE your beautiful heart.
That Divine Mother energy kicks into gear as She delights in giving out praise to Her children.
Love, Rebecca

PS: I forgot one of the WORST shortcomings I have.


Wanna hear it?

I have bought many online marketing courses and I just can’t make myself do them!
Perhaps this could be considered a waste of money.
However, I figure that person I bought it from is making good use of the money.

I learned some valuable lessons:

~ I do way better learning in person.
~ I ‘m hiring a business manager to do all the stuff I am not good at.

PPS: The ONE thing I NEVER EVER doubt is my channeling from the Divine.

I always TRUST this 100%!
When I am guided to teach a course because of Divine Guidance… I NEVER doubt it!
Even when attendance is not what I hoped… I KNOW that exactly the right people who are READY to receive will be there!

PPPS: I DO know that the live course I am teaching in June can teach you things that will transform you from a wus to a champion!

I am 100% sure of this. The guidance I am recieveing for this course is over the top.
It’s all about FREQUENCY and how you can use it to liberate yourself in every way!
Even though I may not have done a great job at describing this course…your heart will KNOW if it is calling you!
The Tesla Method of Frequency Healing


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