Stargate Mysteries Payment

Yay for you!


Here is What you get: Yes! You CAN do this, you would not be attracted to this unless Spirit was already prompting you…

Hard to put a value on techniques that are so UNIQUE! Most of this is simply NOT taught anywhere else!

  • Connecting with Thoth The Atlantean and learning to use his frequency adjusting tool, Value $2000.
  • Connecting with Azuron Arcturian 10th Dimensional Healer, and how to use his dimensional healing laboratory  Value $2000
  • Learning to use the Egyptian ‘Clearamids’ Value: $2000
  • Connecting with Arcturians, Lyrans, Sirians, Pleaidians, Dolphins, Fairies, all manner of Off-planet species. Value: Absolutely PRICELESS!
  • Learning to use the frequencies of the Stargate Cave: Value Priceless
  • Connecting with Nikola Tesla: Value Priceless! NOBODY else in the world is teaching this!
  • Instruction manual: Value $597
  • Email support: Value Priceless

Total Value: $6,597~ But you won’t have to pay that much!

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Or let me finance the LIVE event for you!

3 Payments of  $537 each monthly.

Payment plan for LIVE attendance!


Attend by ZOOM $797

Or let me finance the Zoom event for you! 3 payments of $277 each!

Payment plan for ZOOM attendance!


This is the lowest price this course will ever be offered!

Event days:

June 17, 18

Class times 10 AM to 6 daily 

Lunch is from 1 to 2:30


You can come LIVE! Get lots of Hugs!

Or you can come by zoom and get some cyber lovin!