Good news from Atlantis!

Thotme, who was High priest at the time of Atlantis submersion… is back with some good news!

He says that the work we have done with faith in restoring the capstone of the main crystal is almost complete!

The crystal is functioning and gaining more power daily! As more and more people believe in the power of crystals…even more power is restored.


The Atlantis crystal is now receiving frequencies from many benevolent species and is beginning to transmit more LIGHT and HEALING to our planet and this reaches out to our entire solar system.


If you are new to this site, you may not have been exposed to the awesome story of how i got connected to Thotme, High priest of Atlantis. Thotme is mentioned in The Emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. Thotme is the FATHER of Thoth.

Catch the entire story of how I met Thotme and was taken to a great cavern high in the mountains of Peru.

Atlantis Crystal Live Experience

Thanks to all of you who are helping in the crystal restoration.

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