Atlantis Crystal Live Experience


This is a fantastic Story of one woman’s failure and the lesson she learned…

Spanning over 20 years of association with a  cave, a Shaman, The High Priest of Atlantis and the Lost Crystal that powered Atlantis.


I am presenting this in video so you can SEE the truth of what Is being said.


There will be four parts to this Amazing True Story… (I will send next part soon)

Part one: How I failed the Divine, what I learned and maybe it will help you too!

Part two: The cave re-visited.

In this very short video- I share how I have re-visited the secret cave where there are ‘other-worldly’ etchings on the walls.

Each time, I was pulled back there…very profound things happened that changed my life…for the good!


 Part 3:  My next Encounter with the secret cave.

I meet Thotme, High Priest of Atlantis at the time of it’s submersion.

He tells me that I was his wife at that  time. He further states that we STILL have a mission together!

Watch and see…



Class info: Atlantis Crystal Activation for you!

I have been telling (OK SHOWING) you the story of the mysterious cave somewhere in Peru. There I have met Thotme, High priest of Atlantis and father of Thoth the Atlantean.

I confessed how I was given a Divine mission and allowed human opinion to stop me from accomplishing that sacred mission!

Never again!

Now, it is time to offer you this life-changing experience…

Here is what Thotme, High Priest of Atlantis is asking me to do with you, in class. (Now available INSTANTLY as a video presentation)

Thotme speaks:
In order to boost the re-activation of the main crystal that powered Atlantis, it is necessary to magnetize the missing capstone back home to the Crystal.

It is the belief factor of present day humans who will further ignite the power of the lost Atlantean crystal.

So much so that with every visit, yes… with every believing heart, the main crystal would begin to magnetize the lost capstone to itself. When this happens, it will crank out massive vibrations worldwide.
This crystal will send powerful energies to the bottom of the ocean, to the sky and out into the universe. It will activate further consciousness in every creature on land. air, and sea.

This is a great part of Gaia’s ascension.

Humans also will begin to have their consciousness raised even further. You see, it is not just the humans who need to evolve and ascend. It is all the creatures of Gaia.
Even the consciousness of the rocks, plants, metals and soil will become more dense to the negative and seek vibrations of the positive. 

From Rebecca: Thotme has taken me to the cave where the crystal is hidden. Even though the capstone is missing, the energy is very powerful.

I have been back to the cave and spent time with both Thotme, High Priest as well as basking in the magnificence of the crystal…each time I experience spiritual and human extasy. Plus…fabulous happenings occur for me and those I love!

 It’s kinda’ like a ‘heart orgasm’…leaving me with a great feeling of content and satisfaction!

Back to Thotme…
Thotme continues:
Tell your people this. The trip to the cave will illuminate and prosper a person on every level. 
A bright light burns away all impurities. Impurities being anything… be it impure thoughts or  impure energy residue that prevents a person from experiencing their happiest life.
From Rebecca:
Here is what Thotme is asking me to offer you. Now available as a video presentation you can assess INSTANTLY!
# A 17 Point Crystal activation of special points on the body, including all the chakras and the Ka body.
# An Atlantean Activation of the 3rd eye system including the Pineal Gland, Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland.
… Thotme reveals there is a 4th eye! Guess where it is hidden…in the forgotten chakra! You can be SURE Thotme will activate YOUR 4th eye!
# The eradication of “fear of remembering” (Thotme says that humans have a fear pattern around remembering the power they can hold)

# Activation of your personal crystal by touching the Atlantis crystal with YOUR crystal. (You MUST bring a crystal to this class.)\


Now available as a video presentation you can assess INSTANTLY!

# Anointing ceremony by Thotme. This will enhance the fulfillment of your desires.
What is YOUR desire to be, do or have?
~  BE A greater healer?
~ HAVE Greater psychic abilities?
~ HAVE More spiritual authority?
~ HAVE More clarity of purpose?
~ BE More prosperous with money?
~ BE Healthier in body?
~ BE Healthier in relationships?

It’s three in the morning as my eyes fly open… I feel the presence of Thotme~ High Priest of Atlantis.

He desires to give us more information about the Atlantis Crystal Activation.
Now why does it have to be three o’clock in the morning every time?
I guess… as they say, the veil IS thin.

What happened at 3 AM with Thotme:

H took me to the immense cavern where the Lost Atlantis Crystal is in place.
There Thotme showed me a circle of elders from Atlantis~ gathered to bear witness and speak a brief message.
Thotme explains:
These Atlantean Elders are grateful for the belief factor that has been awakened in modern day humans.
They are grateful for our willingness to help them and they are willing to help us.

Thotme continues. 

We Atlantean citizens are indeed existing… in another realm.
Yet our power is diminished due to the missing Capstone.
The Capstone was taken away from us because of the corruption that came about.
That corruption is now purged as we continue to evolve in the dimension we are in.
As we evolve further…so grows our ability to help present day humanity.
It’s your belief in us that helps to set us free!
Yes, it is true that even in our diminished capacity, we are further along in the ascension process than present day humanity.
Just as our Pleiadian ancestors came back through time to be of assistance to humanity,(and to right a lot of wrongs)… so do we reach out through time and space to be co- creators with you.

This enhances ALL our civilizations in moving forward together.

We are grateful and we are ready to be of assistance to humanity as our power is more fully restored.

Thotme Continues:

As your Rebecca has said often… “There is no greater greater magnetic power in all of the universe than a human heart loving on purpose.”
We would also add… there is no greater service than a human heart realizing a sacred truth and believing enough to take action on it.

You are taking action by experiencing this Atlantis crystal activation.

This is Co-creating at its highest level….reaching from realm to realm…yes THIS is the power of human belief and loving heart.

The Elders speak:

We are grateful and appreciating you. As you know… whatever one appreciates, grows in value.
We are sending you love and energy for your highest path forward.
The Elders

One more instruction from Thotme:

Part of the activation class… is guiding participants to meet their Atlantean counterpart ~
It’s urgent to have an energy exchange!
This energy exchange can clear a lot of Karmic ties, wash away some old obstructions and leave you with a great feeling of completeness.
From Rebecca: 
You don’t have to worry about the HOW…leave that to Thotme and me…
This will be a channeled session so no worries about anything for you!

Here is what you will EXPERIENCE:

~ You will meet your Atlantean Counterpart~ Just as Thotme is MY Atlantean counterpart…you have on too!
Thotme says that you would NOT be attracted to this information at all if you did not already have connections.
Your counterpart will strengthen you and may even impart some ancient wisdom to you.
~ You will experience the first part of the cave where you will see ancient etchings of your forbears. They will light up with special meaning for you.
~ You will spend the night in the first part of the cave with Thotme and I. As you sleep, you will be receiving energy and strength from your Atlantean or off-planet ancestry.
~ Upon waking, you will be served a hot nectar- like drink…from the hands of Thotme himself.
~ You will then be taken by water through the back opening of the cave into a large cavern where you will have interaction/activation with the main crystal that powered Atlantis!

Thotme says:

If you did not already have strong roots in Atlantis or interest in recovering the power of the main Atlantean crystal, you would not have read this far.

About Your Atlantean Counterpart:

 With your counterpart, you may bask in their energy and absorb much wisdom. They will be there for you each time you revisit the cave. Thotme will be there for you as well.
You will NOT be the same after this experience!
Just writing abut this brings surges of gratitude, peace and contentment to me!
…Simply KNOWING that we are a part of restoring power to this great crystal is a source of great joy!

Supplies needed for this class:

Now available as a video presentation you can assess INSTANTLY!
* A crystal is mandatory
* Pen and paper just in case you want to jot stuff down
* Water to stay hydrated ~The crystal energies will flow into your water as you are there.
* Any kind of oil for the anointing ceremony
* An open heart
You can expect to be in a trancelike state the entire time. Be aware of this and refrain from planning any activities that require a lot of mental awareness for a few hours.
BONUS: An Atlantean Crystal Protection Technique: Protects from shapeshifters, evil doers, and dissolves negative influences.
* (Remember, it was the evil shapeshifters called up from the deep by black magic miscreants seeking power that contributed to the demise of Atlantis)

Now a fabulous video presentation that you can enjoy right now! ON SALE!

Yes, I want this session on sale for only $47!

Here is what you get:

~ Video recordings access for life
~ Written transcript
~ A life-changing experience!
~ Everything listed above
Sale only $47!

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  2. Eva on June 9, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    I totally understand how we can sometimes be swayed from our mission. Don’t be too hard on yourself. At least you learned from it. I’m so excited to learn more about the Atlantean crystal and how it/we can help humanity during this dark period.

  3. Silvia on May 22, 2022 at 7:07 am

    I´m on it, no matter what Rebecca

  4. Shelly on May 21, 2022 at 11:08 am

    Every piece of what we hear from you is so exciting! I’m in awe over all of this new knowledge you are giving us through your experiences. I have so much love and appreciation for the amazing light work you are doing!!

  5. Purik on May 17, 2022 at 11:43 pm

    Foremostly my humble zilion’s gratitude to Our Great Avatar & Ma Shrimati .Mataji for Her much yearned & painstakingly’ new-found for this world’s much awaited revolutionary breakthru methodologies by debutting Her Unique Gifts from Her Heart’s Unconditional Love as a compassionate Offer along with Her Brother.Shri.Babaji & other Unique Companions of Her ,those that Assisted Her thence thereat for, and via Ma Rebecca’s fantastic channelling this much wanted,much awaited
    ‘ one of a kind’ Explicit ,Exquisite, Exotic & Powerful Multi-Healing Rays that were much needful for the Cleansing & Guiding & Revitalizing of Humanity ‘s personal – individual gross of dross accumulated Karmas of Health ,Wealth & Social aspects in the physical , subtle & soul bodies at the Himalayas – esp.@Her’ Special Medical Retreat’ Cave complex, recently so in the Inner !!
    The Great Priestess & Priest ever! – Shrimati.Rebecca Ma @ Mrs Thotme & Mr.Thotme,- Pa of the Great Shri.Thoth-the Pioneering & Pinnacle causative Pillars of the Legendary Mighty Atlantean Hieararchy- now again resurging to revive the a-so- far deemed’ Lost ‘ but now found back – Super Main Crystal that empowered Atlantis once but now to find the Capstone in order to regenerate & :recharge our non – chalant, non energetic ,non- esteemed’ poor ‘ Humanity at such an 11 th hour of the demonising Kali Yuga in order to give way to the dawning of the Brilliant ,Peaceful & Harmonizing Satya Yuga at the corner soon !
    May God Almighty Bless thee all with the Best of the Showerings of God’s Choicest. of Virtues & Meritories !!!💦💧🙏💐🌺

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    Oh Rebecca,
    What a beautiful story! I am anxiously waiting to hear more! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Colette villeneuve on May 15, 2022 at 9:21 am

    Hi Rebecca keeping me on the suspense looking forward to the rest of your story .would like to know
    Who was with you ….

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    How amazing. You are truly blessed Rebecca.

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    Oh wow. Very moving story. Thank you, Rebecca.

  10. Colette villeneuve on May 13, 2022 at 4:18 pm

    Wow Rebecca what a wonderful
    And powerful story been there done that let ex husband dictate what I could and could not do .thank you I will always keep that in mind

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    You are such a treasure! I just love everything you share with us !

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    Great story Rebecca…yes, thank you for sharing!

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    What a powerful story Rebecca!! Thank you so much for sharing it!

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