Good Kind Mother? or Kinda Bitchy Mother?

Is this you?

You’ve tried to please your mother all your life, however, no matter how hard you try…she still rejects you!

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It feels as if you will never be good enough in her eyes.

She has hurt you time after time and still your inner child yearns for her love.

Sometimes, you think she is getting better so you open up to her …and than BAM!!!She slams back down on you with an even greater wound or insult.

Simply put…It just Ain’t natural for a mother to behave like a bitch…but far too often this is exactly the case!

As a healer and teacher I see the effects of what I call…”The Mother Wound”…even years after the mother has passed on!

There is simply no greater ‘wounding’ than when your own mother behaves like a Bitch!

For those of you who have experienced first hand what it feels like when your mother rejects you…you know that I speak the TRUTH!

We expect that the one who carried us in her body would automatically love, cherish, protect and nurture us…just naturally!

After all, we have the Icon of Mother Mary and Her wonderful mothering of the Christ.

precious Mother and Child

We see other mothers clearly enamored with their children…so, when our mother acts like she wished we would never have been born…it CUTS to the Quick!

So what’s wrong with US? Why can’t our mother love us the way other mothers love their kids…Oh God! There MUST be something wrong with me. I must be defective in some way!

Sometimes, it is the father who is the abuser…yet, it still falls on the mothers shoulders as the child wonders…

Why doesn’t mother protect me?

Why does she allow me to suffer?

Why doesn’t she stick up for me?

Something MUST be WRONG with me!

If any part of this sounds like you, and…you want healing for this. I can help you!

I offer you a free program designed just to heal “The Mother Wound”.

Now, it won’t erase all the memories, yet, it will erase a great deal of the pain.

Ask yourself…”Is there any benefit of me hanging on to the pain?

Will she ever be sorry for hurting me?

If I let go of the pain will I be let go of trying to hold her accountable?

What will my life be like in ten years if I hold onto this pain? (Scary thought!)

How will having this horrible mother experience affect the way I raise my own children?

Are you Ready to heal this?

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Yes! I’m Ready to Heal my Mother Wound and Bitchy Mother Syndrome for Good!




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