Outrageous EFT! My Cure for Tired N Discouraged

Have you ever noticed that when you feel TIRED…you also feel discouraged?

For SURE…when you feel DISCOURAGED…you also feel very tired!

(Weight of the world on your shoulders, overwhelm, too much to do, all alone, never gonna accomplish much in my soul purpose…yada, yada, yada!)


I was lying on the sofa one day and found myself feeling tired and discouraged… Suddenly, a thought hit me right between the eyes!

Rebecca, if YOU (Ms Perky~ Positive)  are feeling discouraged- just think how many others are feeling the same way!”

So, I hopped up off the sofa and made this video- you can see my face changing as the video progresses.

Now, I hope you have no objection to a little silliness and true confession (mine). Tap with me and you will actually FEEL your spirit soar upward!


Update: It has been several days since I did the video- each time I view it I get another BOOST of energy and happiness.


Please be a LOVE and share this video with others who just may need this “medicine for the heart”.

Copy N Paste this link to share this video. https://rebeccamarina.com/2022/09/outrageous-eft-my-cure-for-tired-n-discouraged/


Download to keep for Yourself- forever!


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