Stop Cursing, Start Blessing and Watch Your Worries Fly Away…

This morning I was reading “Outrageous Openness” by Tosha Silver.

Something she said got me to thinking… we could ALL use her advice.

Tosha was talking about worry. She told a story of a mother that worried constantly about her daughters pregnancy.

What if the baby is premature?

What if she falls and hurts herself?

What if the delivery is horrible?

On and on she went.

Tosha advised her:

So much worry energy is like sending a Big Black Express mail envelope marked “Thinking of You”- open it and discover muck, mildew, a few skull bones and a whole bunch of invasive negative energy.

The woman took Tosha’s advice and began to send Blessings energy instead.

Imagine the delight of the little fetus to now be bombarded with blessings and light instead of dark worried negativity.

If you think on this…worry energy is like curse energy.

Oh sure, we think it’s OK to Worry about those we love, however, we are sending yucky vibrations when we do this.

Of course, this made me think about bills…Don’t we all worry those a lot?

What if, instead of worry energy, we sent Blessing energy?

Let’s try it together. (Leave your Blessing below)

You could really get into it by holding your bills and debts in your hand and saying this prayer:

I bless you bills. I bless the people who trusted me to take care of them. I bless every hand that touchs them. I forgive anyone I BLAME for this indebtedness, including myself. I bless the speedy payoff of them, 


(Tapping as you do this can strenghten your resolve to bless)

Then, everytime you think of them, quickly shift from worry to blessing.

I’m going to do this myself every day this week. Join me.

I set up this page so that you can go there and leave your comments.

Bless your bills in public for faster resolution.

Be a pioneer.

Love and happiness,


PS: Almost ready to announce  “Secret Rites of Women” Passage of Darkness into Light…The Calling. Late June in a Secluded South Texas Retreat center.

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  1. Marlene on April 19, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    A while back you had a sound meditation about receiving love and nurthering from the Divine Mother at birth. I could not find it on your page. It was really profound for me. I feel a need to hear it again. Please send it to me, it will be much appreciated!
    Thank You Rebecca!!! Love, Light, Sisterhood, Blessings,

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