From The Pleiadians: Awakening Codes, Chance Encounters, and Nocturnal Travels

Many books contain codes within them, which when read, will unlock responding codes within the reader possibly awakening inspiration, motivation and hidden mysteries.

(Have you ever been reading a book and suddenly have an “Aha” moment about something else? I believe this is, “Codes Unlocking!”)

The book:  “The Great Human Potential, Walking in One’s Own Light”, is one such book. (On Amazon, By Tom Kenyon and Wendy Kennedy. )
Tom and Wendy, bring messages from the Pleiades as well as the Hathors.

In reading, the Pleiadians inspired me to bring you more perspective about codes.

Listen with your heart and feel better…

Sometimes, we feel guided to drive somewhere, meet someone, or do something unusual and we don’t understand why.

The Pleiadians say that we can unlock codes within each other in our interactions, just by our presence. The conscious mind does not have awareness of our agreements on the soul level to meet and be a part of the great code awakening.

If we feel signs that we are supposed to be with someone, we often think, this is a union for a lifetime, when in reality it could be a simple meeting with a soul agreement to awaken codes within each other.

As humans, don’t we love to settle into habits?

You may be with someone and feel that you are supposed to be with them forever. However,when the work together is done, on a soul level, we begin to feel restless and no longer satisfied in the relationship.

(Of course, it can be just boredom too)


No need to hop up and do anything drastic.
Yet, why not go within and ask, “is it time to move on?”

You can easily ask for signs, guidance, as to when it’s time to move away from a lover, a friend, or even a business venture. After all, we ask for guidance on when to move INTO certain relationships, why not ask guidance on when to move away?

I love how my friend Charlon says it, “I feel I am Complete with this relationship”…no further explanation needed.

(Charlon is very in tune and has an innate sense on these matters- she does not question her gut… and it is always right on.)

So, if you felt like you met Mr. Right or Mrs. Right and then the bloom faded from the Rose… don’t be discouraged. Or if you felt like going into a certain business and now it’s not so much fun…You are not a failure.

Some relationships and encounters are meant for the long-term.
Very often however, especially in these urgent times, we are simply awakening codes within each other.

Sometimes we look back on a relationship and wonder why it didn’t work. We state. “but there were so many signs that I was supposed to be with that person I’m sure it’s divine will for me to be with that person forever.”

Why not let it be okay that some encounters be temporary?

Another insight from the Pleiades, (not in the book)

Sometimes we may be guided to even sleep in the same bed or home with a certain person or persons) (No, silly rabbit, I’m not talking about a ménage a trois )
This does not need to be a romantic encounter. Perhaps, we have an agreement to go on the same soul journey at night with that person. (or persons) and the  Close proximity helps to seal the agreement and the work that is done.

(Yeppers, we all fly off together for a meeting in the sky)

My guidance informs me that this is the reason for some airline delays, emergencies, etc. where seeming strangers are forced to be in the same space.

You have agreed, as a collective, to sojourn together on a mission of great importance as your conscious mind rested.

Have you met someone and instantly connected on a very intimate level? And then they disappeared from your life completely?

You could simply have had an agreement to meet and unlock codes within each other. It’s time for us to realize the certainty that we are living in many different dimensions simultaneously.

Doesn’t this possibility take the pressure off?

It’s all good,  it’s all good

Love and happiness, Rebecca

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