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Have you been going along just hunky-dory and all of a sudden for no
apparent reason your life starts to go into failure mode?

Could you be suffering from past life time-triggers?

What’s a time trigger and how would you know?

A time-trigger is something set off by reaching a certain age or period in time that corresponds to a past life event…
It can be caused by a smell, a touch, an encounter with another soul who is
unconsciously urging you to heal this.

This can be a past life trigger or Karmic Debt that is coming up to
be reconciled.
(Karma simply means “Come-back”)

These past life triggers can affect your health, your pocketbook,and
unfortunately even your love life!

broken heart

Maybe you were once successful in love and suddenly the bottom seems
to fall out.

Perhaps…it’s your pocketbook. Once money seemed to roll towards you
easily and now it seems to slip away even before you get your hands on

For some, it can be health issues. Has an illness come upon you for
apparently no reason?

If you feel you are suffering a past life trigger there is no need to
despair… The reason you are experiencing it is because you came forth
into this lifetime to heal it.

What brought this up anyway?
The same thing that brings up Everything in my life…

This is something I needed to heal in my own life. (Sigh, I seem to
always go through everything first before I bring it to you)

My own life  has been less successful monetarily for the past few
years. I decided I better give myself a treatment and see what came
up for me.

First I asked the divine...” could a past life situation be triggering
some negativity in my life?”
(A clear YES, gave me the green light to proceed)

When I put myself in trance I could see quite clearly the event that was being triggered.
In self-hypnosis, I was a ruthless tax collector in the Mesopotamian era.

I wore a dusty red robe, a turban… I had a tiny little scar at the
corner of my left eye.
My eyes were black and shifty, and I had a swarthy complexion. A dark
beard, mustache and yellow mis-shaped teeth completed the picture.

In this life… had no compassion or sympathy for those I was collecting taxes from
and I did not hesitate to line my own pockets with the proceeds.

In contrast, the ruler I was collecting taxes for was a tender
kindhearted young man who had no clue that corruption  was going on
in his kingdom.

Why did this come up for me and why did it come up for me now at this
particular time?

I was shown this  was a time -trigger thing.

The age I am now is the age the tax collector died. He died with this
heavy burden of guilt and despair because he had inflicted pain on many people.

Sadly, I could see that the evil tax collector (a.k.a. me) did not
allow himself to enjoy the money he stole. Instead, he hoarded… it
living in a small shack while having piles of money hidden in the

I could clearly see his guardian angel, Priscilla, had been hovering
She was the exact opposite, so tender and sweet and loving.

She whispered in his ear and in his near death date he seemed to hear

He called a villager to him and directed that all the hoarded stolen
funds be taken to the tender young ruler.

The funds were then distributed to the poor of the city and the tax
collector  died with forgiveness and love in his heart.
(This  is the healing I offered as directed by Spirit)

Curiously, in this lifetime for the past six years I have had some
troublesome issues with the IRS. (Tax Collectors for the US

Tax man...

Tax man…

All of this was due to some simple bookkeeping mistakes and yet it
snowballed into quite ghastly proportions and many sleepless nights.

I feel sure that doing this forgiveness release work will bring my
IRS situation to a happy ending for all

So, how does just apply to your life?

I urge you to go within and see if you feel the situations in your
life is being triggered by a past life incident.

You will intuitively know if this is a class that you need to take or…you can do the work yourself.

Or perhaps, this does not apply to you… examine your own life.

This Quiz will help you decide:

*Have you been struggling with a certain problem that you cannot find
a solution for?

*Does it feel as if the bottom has dropped out of your world?

*Do you feel you have fallen out of Divine favor?

*Do you feel you have a Blindfold on that prevents clear vision and

*Do you have a wierdo sense of feeling worthless when you know good
and well you are worthy?

The past life incident that needs healing will find some way to get your attention. That is only if it it time to heal that now.

How much pain and confusion has this been causing you?

If I go by my own “past-life trigger”- I can say that when the
feeling gets the worst, that is the time to heal it.

It’s like a festering boil, it gets worse just before it opens to drain all the
poison out!

My past life Time trigger program will help you regress to a past life and see what needs to be healed or forgiven.

Using the latest Energy healing techniques, you will be guided to what the remedy is.

All you have to do is follow along, listen to instructions on the audio. Follow my voice as if I am right beside you- for I will be in spirit.

Audio Program:
Regular fee  $67. (use Coupon TRIGGER in coupon box, press APPLY- Save 50%)

However, before you register, drop to your heart and see if you feel a “Yes”.
Everything I do is to serve those who are ready.

Love and Happiness,

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