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#1. Best Manifesting Exercise (from the other side-of course)

#2. Be Psychic About Money and ROCK!

#3. Divine Mother Live Events (maybe in your area)


#1. Best manifesting Exercise

Just recently, I’ve been re-attracted to the works of Lao and Walter Russell.

Especially Lao…She is one of the most loving, intelligent, creative women who ever lived.

After reading her book, “God will work with you but not For you”, I asked her if she would give us a good exercise that we could do right now t9o increase our manifesting powers.

And I quote…”The best prayer you could pray to manifest would be- let my giving and receiving be in balance. When you set this intention, you alert every force in the Universe to assist you.

Because the whole universe is ever seeking balance…it is only the human population who buck the system by trying to figure it out and orchestrate it themselves.

Tapping the thymus and saying…’I allow my giving and receiving to be in balance’ would be a succinct exercise to do each day. “

Thank you dear Lao.


#2. Be Psychic About Money and ROCK!

Audio program contains Rituals to Attract Money…Beginning Immediately…(On sale this week –over half off)


#3. Divine Mother Live Events (maybe in your area)

Feb has two live in person, blessing events featuring Divine Mother.

She will be delivering messages of incredible wisdom all the while sending a little electricity up your spine. More precious than words can say…

Come for the message, stay for the anointing and activation of your Ka body (pranic body)

Feb 7- McAllen Texas

Feb 24- New York City

Visit   for details (and to find out about getting me to come to your area)

I love you and I look forward to meeting more of you live and in person,


PS: Maybe you don’t live in South Texas or New York but you know someone who does.

Pass along the invitation…there is no charge.

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