Mother God Now!

Divine Mother Energy Transmission, Blessing, and Anointing…plus Activation of the Pranic “Ka” body. (Live Event)

Not since the time of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Isis has this depth of information been revealed. Divine Mother wishes us to know how to better live, and thrive now and in the coming days.

BY attending one of these FREE sessions, you can expect to feel:

• Uplifted and Inspired

• Cherished by the Divine

• Healed on emotional levels, filled with bliss

• Rededicated to loving self and others

• Awakened… as if from a long slumber

Most important to Divine Mother is that you leave with a sense of the absolute “Preciousness” of yourself. That you know deep down just how much you are loved.

…and Beloved, that you know you are on the right path and that everything is going to be OK.

No charge, Donations accepted only if Divine Mother guides you

Date of next Live Events:

February 7, at 7 PM

The One Healing Center

(Inside El Milagro Clinic)

901 E. Vermont, McAllen Tx. 78503

Feb 24, at  Pm

FROM 4 to 5:PM Eastern

27th Between Park Ave and Lexington

121 east 27 street, room 407, buzz 0406

New York City, New York.

No Current in PERSON events scheduled:

Enjoy this  message from Mother Mary, I think it will surprise you!


To find out about having Rebecca bring these Divine Mother Blessings to your area


or leave a message at 956-457-5568


Sweden, France, Spain

 FREE Audios:

Below is a list of completely FREE audios you can get right now that bring in the Blessings of Divine Mother.

Whether you call Her, Mother Mary, Isis, Sophia, Azna, Mata, Tara, Kali, or some other name…you will benifit greatly From each FREE audio.

#1. Ray of Azna: Experierence the Dazzling Ray of Blessing from Divine Mother Azna!

Click here for more info on that FREE Audio.

#2. Is there PROOF of Mother God Azna?

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