The Night the Ku Klux Clan saved Christmas

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Dec 24, 1956: An Obscure little town in Georgia

The night was cold…freezing.

Inside the little shack Reverend John and his wife Cora huddled around the single wood burning stove, trying to keep warm. The 3 children, Jimmy, Rebecca (me) and baby, Rosie were all sleeping in one bed covered with as many blankets as the family owned.

Reverend John hung his head…”Cora, I don’t know what we are going to do, I’ve prayed and prayed and still no money has come in. I preach the gospel as I feel it in my heart, the offerings just haven’t been enough to supply us with what we need.

I feel so sorry that this Christmas we don’t have anything for the children. The shop where I work part time fixing watches has not been doing good. They are not able to pay me much either. I feel like I’ve let us all down”

Cora looked at John with sad eyes.

“John, it hurts me to see you so disappointed. I know that God will provide somehow, let’s just keep praying and have faith.”

Suddenly there was the sound of a car in the red dirt driveway. Reverend John got up to peer out the window. Several men in white robes and hoods got out.

“Oh Lord have mercy…” Reverend John exclaimed…it’s the Ku Klux Clan!

What in the world could they be doing way out here.? I sure hope one of my sermons did not put me on some kind of black list.” (It was well known that Reverend John supported certain Jewish ministries)

The men in white robes approached the front porch slowly…they all had their arms full of bags and packages.

“We heard you folks were in need so we’re making a little delivery, I hope you will accept these gifts.” The men did not try to come in, they simply laid down their bundles, got back in the car and drove off into the frigid night.

As soon as his heart settled back into his chest… Reverend John opened the door and began to bring in the packages. There were lots of groceries, toys for the children and even a couple of extra blankets.

Cora started crying tears of joy and thanksgiving. “You see, John, the Lord heard our prayers after all, he just chose to send us the answer in a way that we ourselves would never have dreamed of.”

…and that’s how the Ku Klux Clan saved my Christmas way back then. I was one of the 3 children snuggled into the warmth of my two siblings. I was a cute little freckled faced girl who would have had no Christmas if not for such unusual intervention.

You see folks, Prosperity can come in a package that we don’t expect at all. My background was from a dirt poor Itinerant preacher family.

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I wonder, how many times opportunities for prosperity have presented themselves but we haven’t even seen the blessings because we were afraid of the package that it came in.

Love and Blessings,


Moses Staff!

Moses Staff!

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  1. Debi on February 18, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    What a beautiful story! Funny how the last group one would believe could show up, yet they did in an extra~ordinary way…Blessed Be

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