Live Healing with Azna

Register and you will have the info to attend Plus the audio afterwards! NO Charge for this Enlightening class!

Wed July 14  from 9 to 10:30 PM eastern. (Only those who register will recieve the audio)


Heart Point  Technique is a gift from the Divine Feminine! Learn her protocals for physical healing as I work with LIVE Volunteers!

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You may not be interested in Heart Point Technique (The breakthrough healing method from the divine feminine)

You may not be interested in physical or emotional healing of any kind, But…I guarantee you Will be Interested in the Bombshell Revelation Mother Azna dropped in my lap!

My son and I were having breakfast at our favorite little mom and pop restaurant, Sweet Temptations, when I heard the still, soft voice of Mother God (I call her Azna after reading Sylvia Browns books)

Rebecca, She said, I want you to share this great secret for me.

Then she put the revelation into plain English for me….waves and waves of chill bumps cascades up and down my body! Just typing this for you causes fresh waves to appear…Glory!

Further, Rebecca, I want you to have this truth as part of the protocols of heart Point technique healing method.

Wowee Mother, I said, some people may not be ready for this knowledge.

That’s Ok, Azna says…let them put it on their plate and toy with it awhile just as a child plays with his food…they will eat in when they feel ready. (isn’t that just like a mom to reference the child playing with food?)

But Mother, I questioned, why are you revealing this to us now? Shouldn’t we come into this knowledge after a lifetime of struggle?

“I am revealing this NOW because I Am the mover and shaker and I do interfere for my children. This knowledge, once internalized will do more for my children than centuries of struggle have done”

I am revealing this truth from Azna tonight on the no-cost call (about 20 minutes into the call)

Register (even if the time prevents you attending) and I will send you the audio after class.

If this is not important enough for you to register…you will Not get the audio.

Event: HPT for Physical conditions (and Great Truth Revealed from Mother God)

Time: 9 to 10:30 eastern

Heavenly Mother  Azna says HPT will take the world by storm…get on this train with me and ride it to the moon. Be the first to be certified in Mother God’s precious and powerful method. Read about certification

Since  using HPT I find I no longer need a dozen healing methods. Azna and Data Dastagir (Great Sufi Saint) keep showing me ways to make heart Point technique more powerful and effective.

Although, I have used HPT for all kinds of emotional issues with great success, I was not sure if it would help with physical ailments… so I asked Azna.

She said…

“Yes, HPT will work for physical issues. Do you think I would give you a healing modality that was limited?

However, I am giving you certain protocols to follow and you and those who adhere to these simple protocols will be very pleased.

Following the protocols will lead to success.”

So, of course I am jumping out here in total faith in Mother God and having a giant, worldwide healing service. We are going to use these protocols for physical healing LIVE right on the phone and web.

Event: Heart Point Technique for physical issues.

Wed. July 14 from 9 to10:30 PM


Tell all your friends, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a healing method launch for Physical issues. A healing method straight from the heart of the Divine feminine!

Love and blessings,


PS_ I need some volunteers who will Commit to showing up and be ready for whatever Mother God throws at you. There will be a box to submit your issues on the webinar page. You will be directed to that page only AFTER you register.

PSS_ I am putting myself on the line here. I have never used heart Point technique for physical healing and I have never used the protocols Mother is giving me. be the first to experience these protocols and healing of physical issues for yourself.

Oh, and one more thing…If you think I am Crazy for announcing a worldwide healing service when I don’t even know if it’s going to work…think again. My guides and  Azna have never ever let me down. If they tell me A healing method will work for physical issues then I am trusting them. This is an example of how brave you too can become when you open to the power of the Divine feminine!






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