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Be Certified In Advanced Heart Point Technique as an Inspiration Coach

HPT is  Mother God Azna’s Gift to the World!

Those who choose to help spread this timely healing technique will be blessed to the foundations of their soul!

Yes! You will have all the tools necessary and be fully-equipped to make $MONEY$ immediately after the training.

Yes! You will have the knowledge to effectively present and market yourself, if you choose to.

Yes! You will have spiritual Gifts downloaded and know how to develop them further, any time you choose, for the rest of your life.

Yes! You will have your own exclusive “certified” listing on my site and be promoted to my responsive reader list.

Yes! You will have a beautiful certificate to frame and hang on your wall as recognition of your accomplishment and your desire to serve others.

Yes! You will have spent 4 energizing days in a beautiful hotel right on the beach, acquiring the skills to make a real difference in the world.

However… the very best reason to become a Certified Heart Point Technique (HPT) Inspirational Coach is for your soul’s evolution.

Because HPT is a spiritual practice using Incorruptible Divine Light you cannot help but advance spiritually every single time you use it.

And, BONUS: Every time you use Advanced HPT with a client, both your souls spring forward in advancement! (I have been assured of this by Mother God Azna, who inspired this technique.)

Did you know that you only came to this earth plane for one reason? Because your soul wanted to expand, evolve and experience life for–and through–God!

The soul is the boss! Learning to tune into the heart and soul’s desires and call in more incorruptible light will cause your heart’s desires to manifest almost instantly!

This is the true secret to success and happiness…this is the reason my own life is so successful. I discovered that tuning in to my deepest heart and soul wisdom makes ALL aspects of life easy! I want that for you, too, and I receive insights daily on how to bring you the information so you can easily and immediately implement what I teach you.

Yes! Because of supervised hands-on practice, by the time you leave this training, using Advanced HPT will be as easy as breathing!

Yes! You receive a custom photograph (designed to make you look your very best and help you market your new Certified Heart Point Technique Inspirational Coaching business!) and are listed as certified on a special page on my Website, click here!

Yes! You feel safer and secure knowing that you now have an additional source of income as a Certified Inspiration Coach using Advanced HPT.

And, because you are willing to act quickly, you are able to save HUNDREDS on tuition! (This is a business trip so the whole thing can be considered a business expense!)

But still, the very best reason to even consider this training is because your soul is urging you to. This may be the very next, perfect step; orchestrated just for you!

Go to your heart and if you hear a YES, register right now. You will receive so much more than what is promised; it happens for every event.

Be certified by Rebecca, creator of Heart Point Technique (HPT) and Advanced HPT

Rebecca is a Prophetess, Seer and an Energy Healer with a worldwide following and outreach.

She will be assisted by Dr. Patricia Felici (powerful Sufi healer) and Belin Jenkins, gifted photographer.

Event: Training Intensive and Dual-Certification: Inspiration Coach Using Advanced HPT & Spiritual Gifts

Date: August 16, 17, 18, 19 (Monday – Thursday), 2010

Class Time: 10 AM – 5 PM daily (so you have plenty of time to relax, play on the beach, connect with other attendees, or nap… the choice is yours)

Where: South Padre Island, Texas (Beautiful La Quinta Inn–right on the water!)

What is Heart Point Technique? (see HPT treatment points and video) A simple and very effective healing method given by Mother God. Advanced Heart Point Technique transforms your old baggage including ancestral and past life trauma. The implications of using Advanced HPT for ancestral issues are phenomenal! It is no exaggeration to say it shifts energy instantly and permanently. Every time HPT is used, people are amazed at the stories, visions and revelations that arise.

The great thing is… with HPT, there’s no need to analyze the “story.” Instead you move right in with “running incorruptible light” through all the treatment points, and the energy powerfully transforms. You then tap in the newer, brighter story, experiencing transformation on all levels.

Meet the Spiritual Committee actively supporting and facilitating this training:

  • Azna (Mother God)–because she specializes in nurturing, moving, and shaking to meet your needs (Azna will even intervene on your behalf!) and because it was through Mother God that Heart Point Technique was born.
  • Jude (ancient wizard from the 1500′s)–because Jude has been instrumental in bringing many healing modalities to earth and will oversee and help you prosper with this special technique.
  • Data Dastagir Badsha (a Powerful Sufi Saint and my own “main squeeze”)–because Data Dastagir is “The Granter of Petitions” and I asked him to help make HPT the most powerful Soul Evolution tool on the planet.
  • Elijah (Yep, the prophet from the scriptures)–because Elijah (one of the greatest prophets of all time) is the perfect example of “passing the mantle” of spiritual gifts and powers. As he ascended in a chariot of fire, Elijah passed his mantel of power to his protege, Elisha.
  • Elisha (Elijah’s protege)–because Elisha is the perfect example of someone willing to receive. Elisha stayed with Elijah day and night in order to be there when Elijah ascended. During the training, you will be given the rare opportunity to accept the activation of four spiritual gifts that dramatically accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Why you need this training:

The greatest gift you can give anyone is to inspire them to take action. In this case, the person you inspire the most can be YOU! There have been times in my own life where I would have paid anything to be able to get inspired and take the action that would have saved me from financial or emotional ruin.

With this training, not only will you have the tools to inspire others, you will know how to inspire yourself. Imagine knowing how to become inspired, passionate and filled with enthusiasm any time you need it; WOW! Everyone knows there is no substitute for heart-felt passion and enthusiasm. And, when you exude the vibrance within, you will be a client magnet! If you choose not to start your own business with this training, you will see how dramatically it works in your personal life; your family and friends will beg you to know your “secret” to being inspired and having more money!

As a matter of fact, if I could choose any gift in the world, it would be the gift of Inspiration. For with it, you can do ANYTHING!

Questions and Answers:

Naturally, you have questions about this certification training. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. Why the certification as an Inspiration Coach using Advanced HPT? Why not just a plain certification in Advanced HPT?

A. You will have a dual certification. I certify you as an Inspiration Coach so you have enough knowledge to make money immediately, if that is your goal. My goal is to help you realize your value and spread the benefits of Advanced HPT while earning additional income.

Q. How are you going to train me in 4 days to be an HPT Certified Inspiration Coach?

A. Did you SEE the Spiritual Committee behind this? They have given me detailed instructions to bring this to fruition like nobody’s business!

Q. Okay, show me. What exactly are you offering?

A. OK…

  1. 4 Spiritual Gifts–You will have an awakening and igniting of 4 spiritual gifts, and opportunities to practice how to develop and use them for the rest of your life.
  2. Spiritual Committee–You will have direct access to the full spiritual “committee behind this.” (see Spiritual Committee above)
  3. Drowsy Download–You will learn my own “drowsy download” technique that will get you the quick and precise answers to any problem you have, now and forever.
  4. Advanced Heart Point Technique–You will learn to use Advanced Heart Point Technique (and be the very first officially certified in this method). Once certified, although you won’t be able to certify others, you can teach Advanced HPT and earn even more income with techniques you’ll learn during this hands-on training!
  5. Miracle Advanced HPT Manual–You will have a simple, easy-to-follow manual that is ”fool-proof,” plus a proprietary client intake form I developed that is literally step-by-step so you don’t have to create this yourself. (Because I learn best “kindergarten style” that is how I teach.)
  6. Three Magic Questions–You will learn to ask the “Three Magic Questions” that “bring to the light” all barriers to inspiration. You will be amazed watching these barriers transform when Advanced HPT is applied. These 3 magic questions are right from spirit and are designed to catapult anyone from the doldrums of despair and straight into “Inspired Action.” (These will be in your manual, as well as the treatment protocols, which are so simple anyone can do them!)
  7. Marketing Training–You will receive expert training in presentation and marketing for those who want to use Advanced HPT in business. The presentation and marketing segment will help you no matter what type of business you are in.

Q. Okay, Rebecca, I’m interested… tell me more about the 4 spiritual gifts.

Glad you asked! The 4 spiritual gifts awakened and ignited are:

  • Discernment
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Boldness
  • Gift of Loving Transmission

Q. Can tell me more about each gift?

A. Sure. I will tell you: 1) what it is, 2) why you need it, and 3) signs you need to develop it.

Discernment: What it is
The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure
. The ability to tell if a person, place, thing, or action is for your highest good. To discern the difference between good and evil.

Discernment: Why you need it
Without this special gift, all others are worthless
. Without discernment, your life is like a rudder-less boat! You don’t know whom to trust and as a result, people take advantage of you all the time. You can’t “discern” the difference between the truth and a lie until it’s too late.

Discernment: Signs you need to develop it
Do people sometimes take advantage of you? Do you make shaky business deals? Do you trust the wrong people and wind up getting hurt? Are you easily able to “discern” good from evil?

Okay, let’s move on to…

Heightened Intuition: What it is
Heightened Intuition goes hand-in-hand with discernment. It is the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. Heightened Intuition is like having a built-in radar system, and it can be developed into full-blown psychic powers!

Heightened Intuition: Why you need it
Most of us have this to some degree; we just don’t trust it. This training will focus on developing the trust with heightened awareness. (With enrollment in the Advanced HPT Coach Certification, you also receive a 4-week “Develop Full-blown Psychic Abilities” course–a $497.00 value.)

Heightened Intuition: Signs you need to develop it
Are you able to trust the “gut feelings” you have? Do you doubt what your inner vision tells you? Are you apprehensive about acting on the information that comes to you? Do you wonder if what you are “getting” is from the light or the dark? Wanna be sure? This gift, along with discernment, will get to the truth every time!

Okay, what about BOLDNESS?

Boldness: What it is
Showing or requiring a fearless, daring spirit; standing out prominently.

Boldness: Why you need it
With Boldness you will be able to follow your inspired action!
Lots of people have good ideas but lack the boldness to follow through. (This can also be called “Big Balls.”)

Boldness: Signs you need to develop it

Are you afraid to take action because of what people might think or say about you? Because you are afraid to fail? Because you are afraid you won’t be able to measure up? Because of the unknown?

A personal note from Rebecca: I was so shy in high school, not ONE PERSON would remember me. I felt ugly, unwanted and that nobody liked me because I was so poor and wore hand-me-downs. Thank goodness Spirit gave me the gift of “Boldness” or you wouldn’t be reading this today.

PS: Are you afraid you might take this training and never use it? You NEED boldness!

Loving Transmission: What it is
The ability to transfer loving kindness to another, while still maintaining your own dignity and respect for self
. (Once you ”get this” people will line up around the block for your services! We will do lots of practice with this one.)

Loving Transmission: Why you need it
Most of us with healing hearts are on a one-way street
. We are always giving love, yet not able to receive-in-kind. This causes lack of prosperity in every area of life because we are out of balance.

Loving Transmission: Signs you need it
Are you usually giving, and not receiving? Do you feel guilty when you say “no”? Do you feel others ”vampiring” off your energy? Do you feel overwhelmed a lot of the time?

Q: Rebecca, I am inspired to register for this certification, but I don’t want to start a coaching business. What does this training offer me?

A. Everyone who attends wants something unique from the experience. If you are drawn to attend, I assure you there’s a reason, a special purpose just for you. The information I share and the techniques I teach you will benefit you in every area of your life; no matter where or how you apply it, you will be blessed.

Q: Okay, one more question for you, Rebecca… Why are you qualified to “Awaken and Ignite” spiritual Gifts?

A. I don’t blame you for that one! I live my life by what spirit tells me. I have NEVER been disappointed in this guidance. Spirit will never let me down! (Once you learn to trust, you won’t be let down either!)

If my Highest Guidance tells me to “awaken and ignite” 4 spiritual gifts and teach you how to use Advanced HPT to greatly inspire yourself and others… then by-golly, it’s going to happen!

Q: Any extras included in this seminar?

A: As if what you’ve already read isn’t enough, there are even more benefits to attending:

  • You will receive a spa treatment session where Rebecca and staff will pamper you with foot treatments, hand rubs and love! (This is one component of the Loving Kindness transmission.)
  • You will enjoy a sunset cruise and dolphin watch (included at no additional charge)
  • You will enjoy a night of dancing to 80′s music with a live band at Rebecca’s favorite dance spot.
  • You will learn marketing and presentation skills that will help you no matter what you do!
  • You will have a custom photograph taken by a gifted photographer (allow her to pose you and she will make sure you look as good as humanly possible)
  • Your photo and bio will be placed on Rebecca’s site as a Certified Inspiration Coach using Advanced HPT. (The earlier you register, the closer to the top of the list you are!
  • You will have truly earned your certification and be presented with a beautiful certificate you can be proud of!
  • Rebecca will announce the graduating class to all her readers
  • You will have made new friends for life

Q. This sounds sooooo wonderful! How much does the training cost to become a Certified Advanced HPT Inspirational Coach?

First and foremost, check in with your heart. Is it telling you to come?

If Yes, the regular price for this Certification is $1797.

BECAUSE Registration is closing early You can still get in for $1297.

To make this a personal, yet powerful group dynamic, I am keeping this small and intimate; first come/first served. (Your listing on my site will be in the order you register.)

Act now to secure your spot!

Let’s recap what you get (see the benefits and value below):

  • Certification as an Inspiration Coach Using Advanced HPT
  • Stay in a awesome hotel right on the beach for only $89 per night
  • Custom photo designed to make you look amazing (you can use it however you like, but it’s especially effective for your new income-generating business!)
  • Business Listing on special page
  • Download of 4 spiritual gifts
  • Insider knowledge of marketing and presentation skills
  • Automatic enrollment in 4-week telecourse ”Develop Full blown Psychic Abilities” ($497.00 value)
  • Dancing and sunset cruise
  • Pampering spa treatments by staff
  • Learn in a fun, lighthearted environment
  • Meet new friends that will last forever!
  • Bask in the presence of Azna, Data Dastagir, Jude (the wizard) Elijah and Elisha

These are the benefits of what you get:

  • your soul’s evolution
  • the ability to attract the perfect circumstances in all areas of your life, with more ease than ever before
  • the refined ability to tune in to your deepest heart and soul wisdom to make ALL aspects of life easy
  • practical skills to help others with their own evolution

The value of what you get:

The value of what you receive for the investment of this divinely-inspired, literally hands-on training program can be hard to determine. Many benefits of our desire to grow and be of service to others have esoteric value. Let me ask: How can you assign a dollar value to:

  • propelling your soul’s growth?
  • dramatically increasing the alignment that puts you in the direct flow of abundance?
  • learning from someone whose intention it is to over-deliver so you get the very most out of what’s promised, and then gives you even more?
  • the tangible tools that equip you to start a profitable business, if you choose to invest the time and effort?
  • opening your heart to expand in all directions?

I promise, you will get all this and so much more.

Based on comments from attendees of previous events,

responses are overwhelmingly and consistently that the financial cost of the training is FAR BELOW the value provided

So, now’s the perfect time to inquire within to determine if your heart is guiding you to become a Certified Inspiration Coach using Advanced HPT. When you have the thought, how do you feel deep inside? Excited? A little nervous? Peaceful? Yes, these all point to you coming and making this a reality; YOUR REALITY!

Click here for a special HPT exercise to help you see if this is the right time for you to have this experience.

Get in on the  discount; register by midnight,  July 27 and pay NOT $1797 …just $1297!
Register Now!

Travel Advice:

Fly into Harlingen, Texas

Stay at the beautiful La Quinta Inn, South Padre Island (right on the beach) for the ridiculous price of only $89 per night. (This is an exclusively-negotiated rate for our group. Because these rooms are literally on the beach, with a view from every room, they are usually priced at more than $200.00 per night!)

Shuttle and dining information is available upon request after your registration is confirmed.

Hotel amenities


See more pictures of the Hotel here.

About This Hotel

  • 18,000 La Quinta Returns points for a free night stay.
    Not a member? Join Now
  • Free Bright Side BreakfastTM
  • Free Wireless High-Speed Internet Access
  • Free Local Calls
  • Free Newspaper
  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant Onsite
  • Guest Laundry Facilities
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Pets Welcome

Guest Room Features

  • Free high-speed Internet access in all rooms!
  • Microwave in all rooms
  • Premium Cable Channels
  • Whirlpool tubs available in select rooms
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • Iron with Ironing Board
  • Data port Phones
  • Voicemail
  • Alarm Clock

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HPT Treatment points and video

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