Archangel Gabriel and The Wicked Witch

Archangel Gabriel and The Wicked Witch

It was 1999.
I had just started having a spiritual awakening and the transition from old traditional religion into more spirituality was an exciting adventure.

About this time, I heard of a seminar on “fundraising for the needy” in a large city nearby.

Strangely, I felt compelled to go!

A friend and I rented a car and started the drive.

Photo by Malte luk

Boy, did we ever feel like a couple of country hicks as we tried to navigate our way through the maze of big city traffic.
Back in those days… I had no such thing as a navigational system.

Remember those big maps that you could NEVER get to fold up the way they were originally?

It seemed like forever before we found the meeting place.
Surprisingly, it was on the top floor of a large skyscraper building.
Darkness fell early and we could look out and see the city lights twinkling far below us.
The meeting ran late and my friend and I were the last ones to leave.

As we came out into the darkened parking lot we forgot where we had parked!

(Don’t tell me this has never happened to you!) Feeling foolish, we began to search for our rental car.

Suddenly, two menacing male figures darted out from the shadows!

One of the men had an enormous 2 x 4 piece of lumber in his hands.

Photo by Tookapic

For some reason, unbeknownst to us, both of these men seemed in a frenzy of with hatred for us.
Almost as if they were possessed by some great dark force!

The Evil was palatable.

The energy from these two men was vicious and overwhelming.

Holding our breath we stood frozen on the spot!
They didn’t say anything…it was NOT a robbery…it was just two men taking pleasure in inflicting pain on another!

The first man, energized with hatred and rage, raised his 2 by 4 and smacked my friend solidly on her head!

You could hear the sharp crack, like the sound of a pistol as the heavy 2 by 4 connected with her skull.

She went down like a felled tree. I felt paralyzed with terror as I realized… “OMG, these men intend to KILL us both!”

The man then turned his attention toward me and raised his 2 by 4 to strike.

Suddenly, I felt the Power of God surge through me!

I raised my own hand commanding in an authoritative voice, “I call for the Archangel Gabriel. I call for the Archangel Gabriel.”

I said it twice.
Suddenly a hand of pure white light clasped the man gently around the wrist.

He dropped the 2 by 4 instantly.
I could literally FEEL his energy shifting!

Photo by stux

The Angel Gabriel did nothing more than hold tenderly onto the man’s wrist  while looking deeply into his eyes.

The man’s eyes changed from dark pools of hatred and rage to a completely different kind of vibration.
The same man who just moments ago had been intent on killing… was transforming before my eyes!
He was now looking at me with puppy dog eyes as if to say, “What am I doing?”

Just the touch from the Archangel Gabriel began to melt all the hatred, all the rage.

BOTH men now looked bewildered if as to say…”what the heck happened and what are we doing?”

This reminded me of a scene from the movie classic, The Wizard of Oz.

Remember when Dorothy threw the water on the wicked witch by accident?
It must have been magical because the wicked witch started to melt!
“Help me. I’m melting. I’m melting.” She shrieked as she slowly disintegrated away.

In the same way as the Wicked Witch melted way with water… the touch of the Archangel Gabriel melted these men hearts.

Yes, all the hatred, the animosity, the rage, simply vanished from these two men.
The Archangel Gabriel has that kind of transformative power.
(Remember when Gabriel appeared to the young Virgin Mary? THAT kind of message will transform a life for sure!)

See the Wicked Witch melting!

What happened next is the part I really love!

I must have been touched by that Angel power myself.
Because I did something uncharacteristic for someone who had just been viciously attacked.

I looked compassionately into the eyes of the two men. They now gazed back with sweet “puppy dog eyes”.

I then proclaimed with complete authority!
“Calling for the angels is for everyone… not only for me. You can call the Angels of God too.”

My friend who had been hit by that 2 by 4 was miraculously healed as she stood with me.

This is a moment in time that changed my life from that moment forward.

Because of this encounter with the Archangel Gabriel… I have a commission to share this message with everyone.

You can call for the Angels of God too.
You are worthy no matter what!

It doesn’t matter how good or bad your behaviors have been…the Angels love you and will respond.

(Just watch out because they just might transform you too!)

As I awoke from this dream, for yes, it was a dream. My heart was racing. It was no dream. It was REAL!
This was kind of dream that you remember the rest of your life.

The kind of dream that’s not simply a dream, but an actual occurrence in another dimension.

From that moment forward, it has been my life’s work to teach others that they are divine and can call upon the powers of the divine.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been filled with hateful emotions or even murderous intentions. The love of the divine is here for all.

At the time I had this experience…I was taking a course in Creative Journal Expressive Arts.

The course is designed to help you become more creative and open up both sides of your brain.

As I practiced the course exercises, things begin to change for me!
It began to awaken my psychic abilities.
As a result, in many of my courses I integrate these same techniques that help open psychic powers.
I often joke that I can teach a left-brained engineer to talk to dead people if he will just follow my instructions!

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Let’s create this together!

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