Releasing Guilt

There are several kinds of guilt:

  • Programmed Guilt- guilt put on you by adults, religions, persons in authority
  • Others Guilt- You can be feeling guilt that is in the air…like an insidious virus!
  • Inflicted Guilt- Someone PERCEIVES that YOU did wrong and shoots guilt daggers at you.
  • Real Guilt_ The tough one…you REALLY DID do something and you find it hard to forgive yourself.

I think you will LOVE the simple solutions to ALL these kinds of guilt.

The Video is a Mini-workshop (about 30 minutest) so do it when you have a few minutes to GIFT yourself with this release.


If you feel you need EXTRA help… I have a special kind of session just for you!

Please do the video first- then you will know if you need a bit more help. 


Special Redeemer Divine Absolution Sessions-


Imagine how FREE you would feel if you did not have that nagging sense of guilt strangling the joy from your life!

What would it be like if you actually felt WORTHY to receive all the GOOD the Universe has for you?

Some guilt is hidden from  you and can even be carried forward from a past life!

You KNOW for sure if you have guilt- it destroys and sabotages all your efforts at a happy life!

In honor of helping you release this for good…These sessions are on sale for a short time for only $250!

Yes, Relieve my Guilt!


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