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Tired of Being treated Like a Second Class citizen just because you’re Over weight?

Hypnosis is one of the MOST Advanced Ways to Bypass the Conscious mind…

Have you noticed your mind won’t listen to your instructions to eat better and exercise more anyway…now will it?


Following my soothing voice  in this program can  hypnotize the fat right out of you!

You just RELAX and let the HYPNOSIS techniques SHIFT your Outer fattie into your Inner Skinny!

Everybody holds onto weight or HEAVINESS differently!

For some it’s weight, others negativity, judgement from others and feeling your life is outa’ control!

Get to the Root Cause of your WEIGHT issues and Anything you TRY will WORK! HypnoSkinny Will  CLEAR your personal Root Cause! 

Can't figure it out?

Can’t figure it out?

I attended an Intense HypnoVision Training with Burt Goldman… Master in Hypnosis and often called… “The American Monk”

Of course, what caught my eye and perked me right up…was the extensive hypnosis protocol on how to be “Slim Forever”. What a Goldmine of dramatically different techniques! My mind started going wild with the possibilities!

Is there any woman or man who wouldn’t like to be at least 10 Lighter?

Or more?

Of course, I jumped right on this and did just two of the recommended Hypnosis techniques right away.

No More fat Rebecca! (I had been very overweight for OVER 20 years!)

Rebecca- somewhere in the middle of the Struggle (I had already LOST 20 pounds when this was taken)

My ‘Inner Skinny’

Yeppers, in trance, I went to meet my ‘Inner Skinny’ asking for her advice. (I have been slim for over 8 years but occasionally put on a couple or lose muscle tone due to pure laziness to exercise)

My Inner Skinny told me to eat more vegetables and lean meat.

The crazy thing about it is she didn’t just TELL me… I felt she MADE me CRAVE the vegetables.  I couldn’t rest until I drove to the store and stocked up on brussel sprouts, cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, and those crunchy little pickling cucumbers.

Resistance to Exercise?


Another component of being slimmer is… exercise. Sometimes, we just don’t “feel” like it, do we?

Well, since doing another ‘Burt technique’ that removes resistance to exercising…I have exercised every day since…not just because I know I should but because I felt compelled to do it! (even on Mother’s Day!)

I knew something was really weird when I found myself unconsciously going into my Callenetics Stretch routine while I was waiting for my morning coffee to brew. (Normally, I wait with eyes half shut just absorbing the aroma)

It’s as if I got possessed by my “Inner Skinny,” and instead of having to use tremendous amounts of willpower…I just let her boss my Inner conscious around. After all, she has my highest good at heart.

I made it even better!

Now, of course, I couldn’t let well enough alone. I took the very best of Burt’s 6 week course and added my own unique ‘spirit guided’ touches to it.

The great thing is that Burt gave me permission to use all his techniques…he actually wants to get his body of work out into the world.

He is 87 and has spent year’s developing miraculous techniques that really really work…he is living proof.

In no time at all…

At the HypnoVision training, I talked to his wife (20 years his junior) she told me she had gained at little a while back. Then she said…”I just hypnotized myself and in no time…I became slim again.”

The Most Unique Concept about Burt’s program is what I call “The Zipper”.

zipper mouth

This concept will change your mind forever about what goes into your mouth. You don’t even NEED Hypnosis to absorb this technique…you will see for yourself how powerful ‘the Zipper” would be if we cement it into your inner conscious!


Burt’s 6 week treatment plan is so Successful because…it covers things I never associated with excess pounds.

For Instance…did you know that if you ever had surgery with general anesthesia that your weight, self-esteem and body image could be negatively affected by the ‘crosstalk’ between the Doctors, nurses and staff?

Even though your outer consciousness is asleep, your inner consciousness never sleeps and can be picking up on casual conversations… taking it as “an order”. (Even music some doctors play during surgery can be creepy)

Example: What if the doctor says…”Look at this poor thing, It’s a wonder she made it this far…she will never be the same again.”

(In the case of one person who was somewhat overweight… the doctor went on and on about having to ‘cut through so many layers of disgusting, inexcusable, fat.’ Talk about negative!)

*This Doctor is one of those ‘fatty haters’ who think anyone overweight is just lazy…makes my blood boil!

Due to crosstalk like that, you could develop a need to protect yourself and that would lead to putting on some padding. You could even become depressed and you know what that leads to…over eating and reaching for comfort foods.

This “Unconscious programming” due to cross talk can apply if you have ever been unconscious, such as if you were in an accident. Such words as “She/he looks like a goner for sure” can affect you forever.

General Cleansing:

Another Unique aspect of Burt’s course is what he terms “General Cleansing”.

This is where you direct your inner conscious to look for lifetime events that are affecting you now. Of course, we concentrate on locating events, or memories that are affecting your weight. We then re-direct and secure in the scenes with a positive outcome.

Change Sacrifice to Gift:

Every time before now, you have thought of weight loss as a sacrifice. Giving up all the things you love.

Through the science of Hypnosis, this course instills the pleasure of the GIFT you are giving yourself.

A Gift to Yourself!A state of hypnosis is simply a state of “Focused Attention” – the deeper you go, the more powerful the focus.

So, instead of focusing on sacrifice and what you are giving up…you become focused on giving yourself the wonderful gift of health, beauty and a slender body!

It’s easy when you allow your Inner-Skinny to direct your outer conscious.

 Got Questions?

Q. Just how does this work and what makes it different than all the other courses out there?

A. It works because we talk directly to your “Inner conscious” while you are in trance state. The inner conscious has no resistance while you are in trance state.

Q. I don’t think I can be hypnotized, I have tried it before and no results.

A. Your ability to be hypnotized depends on your willingness to pay attention to the voice of the consulting hypnotist. I will give you a test to see if you can experience a trance. If not…I have another technique to remove your resistance, that does Not require hypnosis.

There is almost No one who cannot be hypnotized.

Just because it didn’t work before does not mean it won’t work this time. You may not have had good instructions.

Q. What makes you qualified?

A. I hypnotized dozens of people under Burt’s tutelage. Besides, I have been doing versions of hypnosis for years. I feel Burt’s methods simply take you deeper. This allows for more direct connection with the Inner Conscious.

Going deeper gets rid of all the outer conscious resistance.

Q. What other techniques do you use in your version of the course?

A. You mean besides The Zipper, The Cleansing and Switching of past events, and Meeting your Inner Skinny?

A lot of the techniques will be a surprise for you. I won’t tell you everything ahead of time.

What you really want to know is…”will it work for me”…right?

There is so much more…including the awesome science of eye movement therapy that works on resistance every time without fail.

Negative into Positive?

Oh yes…How about the technique to use the turn negative power into positive powers?

Example: In turning the “energy of procrastination” to our advantage, instead of whining about how hard it is to get started, let’s use that bad habit and procrastinate about getting older, getting fatter and more discouraged.

(Don’t worry, I’ll guide you in this and you will love me forever for getting that monkey off your back!)

Think of all the stuff you’ve already tried.

Think of all the pounds you have lost and put right back on.



Think of your life in the next five years if you keep on doing nothing because you are so discouraged.

Did you know that I used to weigh over 200 pounds?

I was a size 18-20. Now, I’m a perfect size 8.
Sometimes a six and never over an 8.

I would never want to take a weight loss course from someone who had never been fat…would you?

They just couldn’t understand the pain and frustration we have all been through, could they?

Most peeps who have never had a weight issue just think we are a bunch of lazy hogs! (Don’t get me started!)

I know the pain…there are almost no photos of me at my heaviest, because I hid from the camera!

What is your personal pain?

You may just want to be healthier.


Pure Vanity!

I just wanted to look better and wear more fashionable clothes!

Ready to dance!

Bottom line…this course has worked for thousands and will work for you.

Whatever your reason is…it’s the only one that matters.

Q. How long is your HypnoSkinny Audio Course and how do I get it?

A. Burt’s course is 6 weeks of sessions at suggested $150 each. (That’s $900 – and well worth it to take the pain out of losing weight and being slim forever!)

I asked and received permission to have longer sessions delivered by teleclass or audio!

Instead of 6 One hour sessions, This is an audio course over 4 weeks. The sessions are  90 minutes to 2 hours…depending on  needs.

So that wherever you are in the world, you can benefit from these tried and true techniques without leaving your home.

* Remember this is an Audio course so you can start the first lesson within minutes after purchase!

Q. If Burt’s suggested 6 week treatment could equal $900…how much will you charge?

A. I thought about doing it for half price $450…and then, my tender heart kicked in because I know so many people urgently need this. I know the pain of feeling like it’s just hopeless!

$350 is a very fair price and worth every cent…

Super  affordable for you!

However, I want to make it even more affordable!

$277 includes all four weeks of HypnoSkinny – including the final week Bonus Material.

*Now with GROUPON- save 65 % off the already low fee for this 4 Week Audio course! (Groupon code ACTION)

Yes! I am ready! Make me HypnoSkinny!


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(With coupon code “ACTION” only 96.95)

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Week 4: Bonus Class: “Secrets to Beauty and Longevity”

Each audio session will be from 90 minutes to 2 hours

Bonus you can use!

Bonus you can use!

Awesome Bonuses!

Presented on week 4: Secrets to Beauty and Longevity

(Some I learned from Burt, some from Ben Sweetland, some form Dr. Felici and some are my own) I’m 62, young, vibrant, sexy, healthy…oh, and very modest! Ha ha)

1. How to have Instant Energy when you don’t feel like doing a thing!

2. How to float up out of bed every morning (or bounce up like a jack rabbit, your choice)

3. How to remain young when all your friends are getting old (and no, not just get new friends)

4. The silly Slapping acupressure technique that works like crazy on afternoon slump.

5. How to turn any disaster into a triumph.

6. How to stay enthused forever!


7. Secrets to make your best impression.

8. Secrets to make people like you.

9. Secrets of a slimming selfie

And of course:

10. The right supplements to enhance weight loss

11. The right supplements to tighten skin

12. The all-in one supplement that takes the place of 52 capsules

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HypnoSkinny me! $277 (less 65%)

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Payment Plan!

Let me me Finance it for you! (I already applied the GROUPON for you on the payment plan)

THREE  payments of only 36.00 (30 days apart)

Payment plan

 YES Finance it! Click here

You don’t need the code for the payment plan…I applied it for you!

*With groupon offer only 3 payments of 36.00  … 30 days apart!

PS: THis audio course is created from a series of recorded LIVE teleseminars.

You have the benefit of group energy even though you are taking this by audio!


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