Pets on Other Planets?

I shared with you a couple days ago a tidbit from a book I channeled from “The Group”

These are Master teachers and Beings of 100% Pure God-Light from other galaxies

and dimensions.

(I apologize for calling them “Aliens” – these are not little green men but beings

who have evolved farther than we have and who desire to help us.)

In this chapter, Inggrid, my Translator explains about other species and their

love of pets too.

As always,to begin the session I form my circle of Light and  turn to Inggrid.

He has two big oxen looking creatures and the circle with him. They are each about five times his size yet he handles them easily by two crude rope like halters.


What strange looking creatures I say to Inggrid… why are you showing them to me?

These lifeforms are from another time and space I wanted you to see them…

They appear huge to you and yet it the dimensions they are from, these could be considered house pets.

All well and good Inggrid, but why are you showing them to me now?

What significance do they have ? Are you just trying to entertain me?

No, chuckles Inggrid, although I do know that you like to be entertained!

I brought along these pets to show you that although there are many different

levels of creations, many different dimensions there are some common similarities.

Okay I reply what similarities did these big “oxen-like” creature  having common

with this dimension?

Ingrid smiles… pleased that I have formulated the question.

Inggrid continues:

These creatures represent the common thread of animal love or pet love on different levels of existence… love is love.

We are wanting you to reveal that other planets, dimensions, levels of creation also

have pets that they love. A love of animals it’s not just for this earth level of creation.
Much good is done through the interaction of species and you humans are not alone in your enjoyment of it.

Just as the concept of love is universal to all levels of creation, all universes…

So is this interaction of species beneficial.

In your earth plane, it is mostly the indigenous peoples who honor all living species and even the elements as being inseparable.

Humans are now once again becoming aware of the importance of the honor and

respect to all species of life including animal, plant and element!

I’m asking as to the similarities towards our interacting with our pets and animals and other dimensions interactions. Are they basically the same?

Inggrid answers:
Yes there are many similarities such as unconditional love. Just does your pets show you unconditional love… So do the pets of other levels of creation.

The biggest difference is that the more advanced levels of creation honor all life forms more completely.

This in turn causes the very consciousness of the pets and animals to be raised as well.

My purpose in showing you this Rebecca, is to help you find more common ground. To feel more oneness as well as more awareness of the various dimensions.
The group, as mentioned earlier, wanted you to get a close a great glimpse of how we are similar.

Our mutual love of pets and animals is a very good place to begin  acknowledging one another.

We can speak more on this topic at another time if you have questions for me.
More “Tidbits” from the book coming soon.

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