Ultimate Prayer for Financial Deliverance

Prayer Of Financial Deliverance!

Before saying this prayer…tune into your heart and see how desperate you’re feeling.. Desperate energy can block your prayers and make it seem the heavens are made of lead!

Go here for the “Desperate Energy Clearing”(Plus video of me saying this prayer for you with Spiritual authority!)

*Important- I suggest saying the Arabic word, An nur, after each line. It means God’s Light, incorruptible and self adjusting. (You can simply say, God’s Light or Goddess Light, if you prefer.

Oh (insert whom you always pray to)

I ask for and accept your help in delivering me from all financial stress.

An nur

Deliver me from any and all curses around finance- put on me in this lifetime or any other lifetime. I ask and accept deliverance with harm to none.

An nur

I ask for and accept deliverance for any and all mistakes I have made with finances that cause me to feel foolish and inept.

An nur

I ask for and accept forgiveness for all my debts and ask that my debtors be blessed 100 times over for their trust in me. I ask forgiveness for any debts I defaulted on.

An nur

In turn, I forgive those who have defaulted financially to me.

I ask for and accept deliverance for any and all mistakes of my ancestors and forbearers around finance…with harm to none. I extend Divine Forgiveness and mercy to all those who have harmed me or mine in any way.

An nur

For all self blame and self depreciation around finance, I ask for and accept deliverance and forgiveness.

For blame of others, institutions, governments, organizations, individuals, enemies, Who may have caused or contributed to my troubles, I ask for and accept deliverance and Divine Forgiveness for all.

An nur

Any energy others took from me…I bless it and reclaim it now. Any energy I took from them, I bless it and restore it now. An nur

I release my feelings that I am responsible for the financial abundance of others, recognizing that we each have our own journey. I am responsible for my own path and none other. I ask Spirit to help me TRUST that others have their own journey, their own Angels, Guides and Holy Helpers.

An nur

I ask for any resistance I still hold that is blocking my financial abundance be brought fully into the Light and dissipated by that Light.

An nur

I am ready now to accept abundance to the highest level my energy is prepared to handle now.

I ask for and accept that my energy be prepared for greater and greater levels of abundance.

An nur

I ask for and accept the help of my unseen friends, Angels, Deities, Guides and Holy Ones to assist me in having wisdom with all the abundance that is NOW beginning to fill my being and my bank accounts.

An nur

I ask for and accept Abundant health to enjoy my increased prosperity.

I open my hands, heart, and being to receive this prolific abundance!

I am free to choose my path and I choose the path of prosperity.

An nur

I am grateful to my unseen friends for every assistance. I am ready to be trusted with financial abundance and I rely on my unseen Holy friends for continued guidance and assistance.

An nur, An nur, An nur

I am in gratitude, Amen.

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