Urgent Message from Mechthild of Magdeburg, 13 Century Mystic

Here we go again… URGENT MESSAGE  YOU MAY OR  may NOT agree with! Watch video…or Read it.

I was reading about this lady, Mechthild of Magdeburg, A 13th century Mystic, when I felt her asking me to channel a message for you.

So, of course I said ‘yes’.

(Caution: this message is about the possibility for humans to embody Deities on earth) Embodiment of the Divine is already being done by those you know such as Amma, the Hugging saint, who is said to embody the Divine Mother.

Mechthild’s energy is tender and sweet and yet contains urgency for me to get this message out. Now, Beloved, you may find some of the content to be a bit shocking. Take what you will and leave the rest.

( Mechthild’s energy was so profound…it knocked me out. After I wrote down the transmission, I was “out” for two hours.)

Begin Transmission:

Yes, Rebecca, you may obtain much Light by channeling me. Although I have incarnated many times, I am currently on the other side of the veil -between the worlds. A dimension where I can clearly see the hearts of men and women on earth. A place where I and many others observe the great leaps you are now taking and the very great leap that this transmission can cause.

I have been known by many names and some you know…that is NOT important. The quest you are on is urgent… helping people to spiritually advance. To make it available for those who choose- to step forward and embody the Deities… is especially important.

The Deities play in the land of Spirit and yet it is the conscious union with human that is desired and cherished above all things!

No greater gift or sacrifice could you give than to embody a Deity if but for a time. To make a time allotment for this embodiment would be most uplifting and reap many rewards.

The Divine is already experiencing life through you…albeit involuntarily and unconsciously. There is a great and holy difference when you offer yourself willingly to be the embodiment of a Divine being.

It is suggested that you allow the deity, angel, or ascended master to choose you. Begin this moment praying as to whom would be best for you to consciously embody. Begin with the “Flowering of the heart” Ritual.

(From Rebecca, -scroll all the way to bottom for the meditation from Mechthild)

Do NOT choose hastily! Allow yourself to be Courted, Wooed, Desired. This is a royal favor you are granting!

Humans have long forgotten the Powers that they alone wield! It is humans who created most of the Deities worshipped in the earth…only Prime Creator is exempt.

Yet, beloveds, it is that Prime Creator who streamed Divine thought energy to humans so that they would create these magnificent gods and goddesses and give them eternal life! It is humans who gave the god/goddess their very great powers. It is humans who now have the ability to harness the very great power to be used for conscious magic and greater good!

Only the purest in heart shall heed this message or have any desire to be part of a conscious embodiment.

The first thought for many of you will be… ” I am unworthy, who am I to embody the divine?”

Beloved heart, you are doing this already…for you have the divine spark within you or you could hold no life.

It is the conscious choosing of Divine Embodiment that will bring in the precious Protection and Awakening energies that are yearned for… in order to bring forward the evolution of this planet.

Just a few humans making this conscious decision can hold the space for many.

Q. From Rebecca: Mechthild, my concern is that if we consciously invited a divine being to embody us, that we would become corrupt in our quest for power.

Further, that we would do this embodiment for our own selfish gains and motives.

A. From Mechthild: I understand your concerns, yet, this would be impossible!

Remember, it was the that stream from Prime Creator that had these beings created by the power of human thought force. The Pure Love of Prime Creator runs so strong in all beings of Divine stature that corruption is not possible.

( From Rebecca: Besides, some who read this will just think it is crazy rankings- what a great filter system. A person who COULD be corrupted would not do the purification necessary to embody the Divine in this manner)

Q. From Rebecca: If one resonated and agreed to embody a Deity or Ascended master, or even an angel for awhile…what would the physical manifestation be like?

A. From Mechthild: Great peace and much confidence. Deity takes great pleasure in sharing all things human.

Offer your thoughts to them.

Offer your physical body to them, including all your bodily sensations. Do not worry, you will be guided from within and it will be easy! The greater amount of Love you feel and share will be the greatest joy you have ever experienced!

Mechthild continues… You will NOT pray to this Deity or lower yourself in any way, no matter how great the temptation. A real God/Goddess would not pray to themselves would they?

In the beginning, humans easily shared consciously every portion of life with Prime Creator…they KNEW they were simply extending fingers of Prime Creators thoughts.

When the idea of “Sin” was introduced, it caused great separation and many began to crawl about on their bellies crying “Unworthy!”


It was then that Prime Creator began to stream thoughts to certain very evolved humans to create these helping Deities. In all parts of the world faith sprang up and Deities were created…yes, worshipped, yet looked to for guidance.

Now is the time to bring all those creations into human form…by saying, “perhaps Mechthild is right, that which I have created, I shall now embody.” In the doing of this, the veil of separation shall be repaired. Evolution shall leap forward as never before. Peace shall reign and then shall be… heaven on earth.

I leave you to ponder this in the depths of your being and I await your responses. Do not act hastily…turn this over to the deepest wisdom of your heart.

Lovingly and with earnest heart,


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From Rebecca: I must say, even as I was trying to type this message my own consciousness kept wanting to drift off to some mystical place. I’m not asking you to believe any of this for me…I am simply the messenger.

I expect to be given instructions for a class on “How to do this”- Just how does one embody a Deity? I will let you know when I get instructions. For now, Mechthild has given me the instructions for “Flowering of the Heart” ritual. I invite you to do this meditation whether or not you feel you are ready to embody any Deity. Do it for the peace it will bring you.

Video below.

For a book of her works on Amazon: The Flowing Light of The Godhead: The Revelations of Mechthild of Magdeburg

 Show your support of this type message by Donating.   

(Most certainly all who donate will get a fat, juicy discount when Mechthild gives me instructions for a class on Embodying the Divine )