Lakshmi on Appreciation

” But, Lakshmi, don’t you want me to wait until Saturday to give this message?” I asked…I was outside listening to the beautiful birdsong early this morning when Lakshmi started talking to me. (I am having a free channeling session Say Feb 11)

“No, Lakshmi replies…this message could start helping right now- go ahead and send my message out to your readers- And, Don’t worry, Rebecca, there is Lots more where this came from!”

” Ok, Give me the rest of the information and I will send it out, ” I acquiesced.


Lakshmi continues…”Most people know I am Goddess of Beauty, Wisdom and Prosperity, Yet most don’t know the value of the first two words…beauty and wisdom. Most want to skip over to the prosperity part without realizing the first two words are actually the key to prosperity.

One can attain much more prosperity if one looks for beauty and then uses wisdom to know when and how to share how you feel about that beauty.”

Rebecca: Sounds great, Dear Lakshmi, but can you give me some examples of how this works? If I have questions, then my readers have questions as well. (All spirits know I demand a solid way to put information to work)

Lakshmi: ‘Notice every beautiful, cute, pretty, pleasing, strong, gentle, wise or gentle aspect of a person. Tell them you noticed- be generous with your compliments, just be sure your words are sincere. It does so much for the spirits of another when you notice any aspect of their body, face, personality, gift, talent or spirit and speak it out loud!

Not only does this uplift the sp person you are speaking about but it boomerangs back and uplifts you.

Do this with nature as well. See a beautiful flower, bird, plant, tree, rock, anything…speak your words of praise out loud. Send appreciation to our precious Mother earth as well. Speak words of loving kindness to her and she will flourish and thrive.

Lakshmi continues…have you ever been feeling kind of down and then someone paid you a sincere compliment? This lifted your spirits immediately did it not?

You, dear ones, you have the power within you to reach out and be a powerful up lifter. you can shift the energy mightily by your sincere effort to look for the good.

As you look for the good, find it and speak it out loud with sincerity and emotion, your appreciation attitude will begin to multiply and attract prosperity to you far more than any ‘prosperity technique’ you could learn in a book on such.

Rebecca: Wait, Lakshmi, are you saying that looking for beauty and goodness to appreciate and then speaking it out loud with conviction can bring about more prosperity?

Lakshmi: Absolutely! As you begin to look for things to appreciate and speak it out loud, you raise the vibrations of all those you speak to. You in turn, raise your own vibrations.

This activates the ‘law of reciprocity’– the universe Must reciprocate… in kind. This is why the instructions that follow are vital to your abundance.

Begin also to appreciate the finer things in life and speak it out loud. Appreciate and bless those who have money, status, or things you wish you had.

Rebecca: Errrrck! Hold it- put on the brakes! Lakshmi, you are asking something that may be hard to do. many people may have a hard time appreciating when someone else has money and they do not. Envy and jealousy can creep in and spoil the appreciation.

Let’s get real here…it is human nature to envy when others have what we only wish we had. Most people actually feel bad when they see someone driving a fancy new car or living in a beautiful mansion for it can bring up feelings of hopelessness. ” (can I get an Amen, out there?)

Lakshmi: “As one begins to appreciate simple beauty and speak lovingly about it- one will move forward and upward in vibratory attraction. When you really appreciate life from right where you are, you will naturally move out of envy and be able to appreciate yourself right into having the very things you once thought impossible.

You will attract those things that you appreciate and speak about with sincerity.

If you are thinking this is too simple to work- I assure you that it is not.

 Set a goal to go one full day with looking for the beauty in everything. Speak it out loud with sincerity and conviction and you will see.

I will tell you more on Saturday.”

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At this, the message from Lakshmi ended. I can’t wait to see what more She will give us on Sat Feb. 11.

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Love and Blessings, Rebecca

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