Hurray! Azna and Lakshmi are joining forces to bring you the perfect gift that keeps on giving…

(Live channeling event brought to you by Rebecca A Messenger)


Have you ever wondered…”How come I call upon Lakshmi, Goddess of prosperity and it doesn’t seem like She shows up for me?”

Well, Lakshmi will explain How to best call upon her to get results.

• Find out what you have been unconsciously leaving out of your petitions

• Find out what Lakshmi dearly loves and finds irresistible

• Find out the very best way to approach this beautiful Goddess and have her on your team for good!

And from Divine Mother Azna…

Mother God Azna

(Azna is the name Mother God is known by on the other side)

What to do when you feel  you’re  doing everything right and you are still deep in lack.

Mother Azna will reveal:

• The 3 Big lack-causing mistakes many make. Even Azna cannot overcome for you (if you are doing any one of these 3, you are going to stay like you are)

• How to make simple changes to insure you Stop doing the 3 mistakes

• How to completely reverse the damage that has already been done

This live channeling even is completely no-cost for the live event. Show up and enjoy!

I will be taking live questions via the live stream chat after I bring the message.

( There is a small charge for the replay and the written transcript. )

When: Sat Feb 11 at 1 PM pacific. 3 Pm CST, 4 PM EST (New York time)

If this time is not right for you – you can either:

• Set your clock and get up

• take off work

• pay a small fee for the replay, transcript, and get a chance to win a private audience session with Azna and Lakshmi.



 : Let me be very straightforward with you. This class is completely
No-Cost but I could use your help to pay for

the ‘live web TV’ (it cost us several hundred dollars to use the

After, you register, you will be given an opportunity to donate a small
amount to help. Only do so if your heart moves you to.

All who donate will have a chance to win a private session with, Azna,
Lakshmi and sweet little me.

Here are a few F AQ about Livestream Web TV

Q. What computer requirements do I need to watch the live event (or replay)?

A. If you can watch a youtube video- you can watch this channeling event.

If you have a slow dial-up service, you probably cannot watch. It’s worth going to a friend’s house to watch (plus, you can invite them too)

Q. How do I participate in the chat to ask Rebecca questions?

A. You will see the chat box, either to the side or below the screen. Enter a nickname and start chatting! (please do not be chatting during the channeling, wait until Rebecca asks for questions)

Fritz will be moderating the chat box.

Q. Do I need to create a live stream acct to chat?

A. No, just create a nickname in the space provided

I am so looking forward to blessing us all with these messages.

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Love and Blessings, Rebecca