My Family

I’m taking the weekend off to nurse my 300 pound, Power Lifter, Baby boy.

He just had his gallbladder out and is recovering nicely.

No mater how old or how big they get…kids always need “momma” when they are in pain.


It is still my pleasure to take care of one of my kids.

In between helping him sit up and move around a bit I had  a few minutes… and thought YOU might enjoy a little peek at some of my extended family.


Guess which one is the Power Lifter?

Simon…the Power Lifer!

L to R Two daughters
Alyssa, Belin, Momma

Children, spouses and grandchildren

My two Sons, Andrew and Simon


me n Andrew, I was 21


Alyssa, Mom,Simon, Henry (former Husband) and Christina adopted a a teen


People re surprised that Me and Former spouse are very dear friends!

Henry and me

Me and my sister Taby

Belin,Heide,Andy, Alyssa, Simon (Christina was away)

Me and my best friend Patti, Dr Patricia Felici


Christina, graduating from UT, she now has her masters from Columbia!



The last pup, I rescued, Stevie has been claimed by Henry. He is so in love with Stevie and Stevie gives him comfort…so, I let Henry keep him.

Stevie, Now giving all his love to Henry.

Latest family member, rescue pup, Tobias!

So…this is a part of my family…you know…family really is everything! Sometimes a LOT of forgiveness is needed. It’s worth it! Even if you find it impossible to get along…do the forgiveness work and your life will be much happier!

Say a prayer for my baby boy, Simon that he continues to recover!

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