Mother Azna Prophecies: How to Deflect the Coming Storm

Sunday Aug. 30, 2020

2 Pm Eastern

Mother Azna Prophecies: How to Deflect the Coming Storm


There is a great battle for the earth’s greatest treasures going on right now.

You and every human  ARE the earth’s greatest treasure!

We are standing at the precipice of:

More chaos or More peace:


If we do NOTHING the Coming Storm will do MORE Damage.


I say we LISTEN to Mother Azna!

The Divine Feminine Coalition led by Mother Azna is urging us to assist the Forces of Light.

In this Prophetic presentation, The Divine Mother Azna will tell us EXACTLY what is needed.

Mother Azna has requested that I bring you these words of Prophecy.

Here is what Azna will cover:

  • Thoth The Atlantean predicted the Pandemic would die down by Mid-June.

What happened? (Azna and Thoth Both answer this one)

  • What’s with all the crazy weather?
  • What can we do to deflect that from harming us personally?
  • Why do we need to call in our guardian angels especially close now? (and HOW)


  • Why are so many people dying?
  • What’s the real deal with President Trump?
  • How can WE help this crazy unrest?


  • When the dust settles…where will we be?

Mother Azna will explain all the above, plus…

  • She will share the #1 thing YOU CAN do to help.
  • She will share the #1 reason you are NOT doing all you can now…and how you CAN do more!
  • She will share HOW you can use what you are naturally GOOD at to bring more peace and harmony.
  • Divine Mother Azna  is going to tell you exactly the ONE PEACEFUL  action needed that ALL Light Workers can take right now!

I promise you will heave a sigh of relief. PLUS you will KNOW What you can do…RIGHT NOW to STOP Feeling so Helpless!

Love, Rebecca

PS: Mother Azna requested that there be a small fee.


At present I room for ONLY 100 guests.

Save your spot now.


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