E-Book of Thoth The Atlantean

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 Below are just a FEW Wisdom Teachings you will get from this Ebook.


  • How Atlantis was destroyed—Tablet 1, v.17-18
  • How Thoth escaped from sinking Atlantis in a flying craft—Tablet 1, v.6-8
  • Technique to be free from darkness or dark influence—Tablet 6, v.20-23
  • How to take all of your present life experiences/memories with you into the next life—Tablet 13, v.24-30
  • Balance your Magnetic Poles to live your longest and healthiest life—Tablet 13, v.13-14
  • How Thoth Built the Great Pyramid (Erroneously attributed to Cheops/Khufu)—Tablet 1, v.25-2

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