Sanat Kumara: Are You Ready for the Great Cosmic Explosion that is Coming?

For Info on July “Talk to the Aliens” Ha ha… (Channel the Galaxy)

 From Sanat Kumara:

When Human Hearts Unite in love with Alien hearts, it creates a Cosmic Explosion that is felt throughout ALL of the Galaxies!

I see what is coming for humanity if they DON”T begin to own their power.

I also see your future as you begin to realize the power that is found ONLY within your heart.

When a human begins to realize the potential they have to change their life for the better…yes, whenever they realize that the great Heart Energy is much sought after by other species…

Then humanity will step more boldly up the Ascension ladder. Human will realize WHY they are so sought after and fought over by other species.


The great Cosmic Explosion is even now building. It will reach maximum force as more and more humans elect to send their magnetic heart love to their Star brothers and Sisters.

When this happens, it will open the veil between the dimensions as never before.

Humans and Other Species will have loving interactions and beneficial technique exchange in plain open sight.


Sanat Kumara


From Rebecca How to Be a part of this Now!

…close your eyes and imagine you are heart-connecting with an Arcturian or a Pleiadian (Both are benevolent)

Say… I AM love…I feel love. Repeat until you really feel it!

Allow the human heart love you feel to wrap around the Star friend.

Just stay in this space of exchanging heart love. Bask in the love. You are giving a wonderful boost not only to yourself but to your Star relation as well.

You are being a part of the Cosmic Explosion that will thin the veil between the dimensions…each time you do this, the veil thins.
Can you feel that cosmic mini-explosion now?

If you really are serious about being in REAL contact with your Star family…

If you want to take the elevator instead of the stairs…

If you are ready to be a part of this Cosmic Explosion in a really BIG way…


Come to my seminar at the end of July.


In this seminar, I will teach you how to create an internal star-gate to the other dimensions where our Star family is waiting to be re-united.

Ready? This is the Cutting edge of Alien-Human connection and it is here for you now!


Channel the Galaxy

A Course in Inter-species Communication for the Average Human.

July 29 and 30

Live in Houston or live via Livestream


Channel the Galaxy Level 1

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