Channel the Galaxy Level 1

Now a dynamic video/audio program.

Course is created from a live Seminar.

You can watch or you can listen!

On sale at a crazy price!

Making contact with Your Star Family

(A course for the average human)

You should take this audio/video training  if you desire to:

  • Explode your Intuition
  • Understand and improve your Claire-audience
  • Connect to the Pleiadians and Arcturians
  • Establish an internal Star-gate/ micro tunnel System that empowers you to connect to ANY High Being of Light
  • Be certified to teach others

A couple more things…

  • Be in the same space when the Magnificent Sanat Kumara comes through!
  • Be in the same space of an Acturian 5th dimensional Healing session with Azuron, Arcturian physician.
  • Experience all the power, in person or via video

Your  Star family needs you!

You are needed to help bring in the great re-connection between humanity and our star family.

So you may be asking…”But what can my connection with my Star family actually DO for me?”

With diligence and practice…connections with the Arcturians and Pleiadians can unlock your latent abilities so that you seem to have almost superhuman abilities!


 Like my connection with Azuron the Arcturian physician who ascended into the 10th dimension.

In his dimension…he is only a sphere of rotating light. He has no hands, no implements …and yet his desire to heal has grown stronger since he left his physical Arcturian body.

He is THRILLED that I invited him to use my hands and body.

(Actually, it was Azuron who asked ME if I would be willing to do this.)

Before I began working with Azuron, I could see light patterns only a little… now, not only can I see the light patterns both internally and externally…I can see their story.

Each time I do an “Azuron” healing…it gets easier and I SEE more!

I can see the ORIGIN of the damaged or impaired light patterns

(if that’s important for the client to know)

It’s like getting an instant download of a past life or other dimensional experience that tells a story.

Best of all…Azuron helps me to shift and repair the damaged light patterns that I see.

This is what our star friends are offering us… a chance to partner with them and awaken your own latent abilities.

 You have two questions to ask yourself…

#1. Am I ready to participate and benefit from this re-connection with my Star family?

#2. Is Rebecca the right teacher for me?

Drop to your heart for the answer…

(Of course, you can do this on your own, it’s simply faster and easier to do it with a teacher who has direct experience and is LIVING it!)

Of those who attend… some of you will become greater Healer’s…

All of you will have a transformation for the better!

All of you will become greater lights.

Channel the Galaxy

(A course for the average human)

Now an exceptional video program!

Making inter-species communication possible for everyone.

By the end of Day ONE you will have established a micro-tunnel ‘Inner Star-gate’ directly to  the Arcturians!

And…by the end of Day Two, you will have Direct Contact with the Pleiadians!

More importantly…you will know how to use this technique to converse with ANY benevolent Species you desire!

Courtesy NASA

For this course, we focus on the Arcturians and the Pleiadians.  However, once you’re guided to discover and re-remember your latent abilities…you may connect with any species you desire.






  • You will absolutely KNOW how to tell if any species are malevolent or benevolent. (So that you can never be tricked.)

The aspects of the different species harmonizing with your essence creates a galactic song that reverberates throughout all the cosmos.

Sanat Kumara

There is a reason you are resonating with this… feeling ‘the pull’!

Your Star Family is jumping up and down with excitement at the prospect of re-connecting with you, of sharing your heart love once more!

Day One:  Within the first 30 minutes you will KNOW your individual gifts that make you so special to your Star Family. (boy, will you be surprised!)

You are admired as a human because of the gifts you take for granted.

As a human, you are capable of a very wide range of emotions. Many of our Star Family have not put so much importance on emotions in their evolution process…now they regret it!

Just think of all the ways you feel love!

You have one flavor of love for your pets, family, nature, food, partner etc.

What about anger? Rage, just fuming a bit, vindictive anger.

Sorrow, sadness, depression, moodiness, boredom.

Even when we feel BLAH…we have all different levels of blah!

But most of all, your star family is awed by the powerful magnetism generated by your hearts capacity to love!

Ama sure shares the love!







Q. How will you help me to open up enough to make real contact with my star family?

A. I will tenderly guide you through processes that will:

  • Strengthen your pineal
  • Fine tune your pineal/heart connection
  • Open your mind-bridge into a superhighway to your star family

Q. What else?

A. Besides advanced techniques that will practically launch you into outer space?

Bad as I hate to admit this…we still need to do some clearing before jumping in.

Some folks still have issues with…

  • I’m not ready
  • I’m not good enough/ not worthy
  • Why would my star family want me (especially if your earth family really stinks)
  • Other people can…I NEVER can
  • Don’t you have to be born with ‘special skills’?

Yada, Yada, Yada

I gotta “clear ya” before I “steer ya”.

Q. Why would I want to get in touch with my star family? What are the benefits to me?

A. If you have read this far…then you KNOW deep down that this is part of your destiny. You will feel a comfort you have never felt before.

You will come home to the realization that you are helping your star family to evolve…as only YOU can. (And you evolve too!)

Q. I need more benefits.

A. Once you establish a relationship with your star family, you may begin to receive messages of advanced wisdom. They are desiring to share some of their technology with those who can be trusted.

You will be certified to share this method with others one to one or groups. Easy to follow instruction manual included- you could just ‘read it’. I make it that easy to follow.

Here is what you get!

  • Two days of Intense Teaching you will not find anywhere else. Value $500
  • Learning NEW energy exercises you won’t find anywhere else. Value $400
  • Certification to teach these methods to others.                              Value $400
  • Intense Pineal Upgrade (so you can more easily connect)           Value $250
  • Connection to your Arcturian Friends                                              Priceless!
  • Connection to your Pleadian Friends                                                Priceless!
  •                                           Total Value $1500!

In Order to Make it Possible for ALL to  Connect with Star friends…

You pay only $97!

YES! I want this!





Need a pay plan?

Two payments of  55.55

Pay Plan 2 @ 55.55 each



AS soon as you finish the course- notify me so that I can send your Downloadable Certificate.

I have designed the manual to be so easy! Why you could just READ it to a client and they would be amazed!

Bottom Line…

Our Star friends need us and the heart connection we bring.

We need them for their wisdom and advanced technologies.

Win, win!


Each day You will witness a ‘hands on’ Arcturian Healing.

I will explain how the Arcturian Physician, Azuron uses my body, mind and hands to bring his advanced healing technology to us.

You can expect the air to be filled with electricity…because the great Sanat Kumara will be ‘in the house”!

Anytime, Sanat Kumara is near…its epic!

I have been channeling a long time and when his energy comes in, I can hardly hold it. I am slowly getting more attuned to him as I increase the power of my own internal Star Gate.

Sanat Kumara has promised to hold a protective space for us.

He has been guardian of this planet for many millions of years.

Fee details: (Includes certification)

Here are your options:

Video /audio presentation.

  • Total Value $1500!

In Order to Make it Possible for ALL to  Connect with Star friends…

You pay only $97!

YES! I want this!





Need a pay plan?

Two payments of  55.55

Pay Plan 2 @ 55.55 each



The price is low so that more of you can learn to connect with your star family.

It is my dream that you too will become an emissary and teach others to connect with their star family as well!


Note: The SIGNAL!

As soon as you register, you send a ‘signal’ that you are Committed to connecting with your Star family.

You will be assigned either a Pleiadian or Arcturian to begin working with your energy field as soon as you register.

(This was NOT my idea. Andarra of the Arcturians suggested it and Yodi and Foy of the Pleiadians agreed.)

*As soon as you register, you get instructions on how to choose a special “star friend” to begin working with your energy field.


 Q. What are the benefits of taking this training by video/audio?

A. Certification is included when you finish the training. (I want you to be sharing this)


  • No travel costs
  • Don’t have to get dressed
  • Can still bask in the energy.
  • Can take it when you have the time
  • Don’t have to leave home


PS: Need to talk? 956-457-5568 or email

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