Anwar from Atlantis- First transmission


If you read my last email, I mentioned Anwar from Atlantis.

I met him just recently.

The oddest thing…I have never been interested much in Atlantis, yet here is Anwar introducing himself as “Chief of the Medical Council- Advisor to all leaders of Atlantis.

Anwar, has given me permission to share some of the information with you
( Only info he feels is helpful and interesting)

Why don’t I just share our conversation?
You can decide what is valuable to you.

Rebecca: I find it odd that a leader of the medical council was
“advisor to all leaders of Atlantis”.
Why would leaders consult a medical officer?

Anwar: Leaders as well as citizens consulted me and my team because
Medicine was absolute integration of mind, body spirit.

There was no separation.

In making important decisions, of course any wise leader would want
advice from my team.

Anwar continues: Citizens lived well over 200, some over 300.

The corpus callosum of the brain was more like a liquid cushion
that easily transferred data from right to left sides of the brain.
(Separation occurred later which has it’s own story.

(*Note from Rebecca: Nowadays, the corpus callosum is a thick bundle
of nerves connecting the right and left hemisphere of the brain.)
**In my upcoming seminar in November, Anwar will be giving techniques to
restore the brains integrity to a fuller degree.
Details :


Anwar on health: There was no cancer in our civilization. We purged our energy
systems regularly and malfeasant cells were simply released on a energetic level.

Much attention was given to the brains function and the care and feeding of that
magnificent organ.

Because we knew that with proper energy transmissions the brain could
then regulate any part of the body to normalcy.


Anwar on the Afterlife: In our culture, the afterlife was accepted as something
to look forward to. There was absolutely no fear of death.

Much planning of the next lifetime was done in the current one.
Citizens often decided it was time to release this body and come again to something
entirely new.

Many citizens simply ‘ascended’. Because they befriended the elements they simply
changed their physical bodies to light bodies.
This was done by simply changing one molecule and it’s components.

Sometimes, entire clusters, IE families, social groups decided to do the ascension
process together.

Elements were not thought of as ‘separate’ at all, elements were honored as part
of the human body.

Elements were considered a natural part of the whole and so were honored according
to their own consciousness.
Because of this… manifestation on every level was far easier.

*In my November seminar, we will do much healing and restoring of the honor of
the elements. Details :


From Rebecca: I received much more information from Anwar on such topics as:

• teleporting
• the truth about the sinking of Atlantis
• the re-distributing of the gene pool
• evacuation of Atlantis
• why he is giving this information now (and why the heck did he ask me to give it)
• how sound was used in healing
• why Anwar has chosen never to reincarnate

But, before, I give you more, I want to know …are you are even interested
in this?

Are you interested in direct information from an Atlantis Medical leader?

You can hit Reply- and let me know.

Anwar will be channeling a lot of energy and information in my
upcoming November Seminar…
A rare event combining the Wisdom of Atlantis with the Egyptian Mysteries.
Details :

You can come hug me in South Padre Island Texas.
– or attend by Live broadcast.
Details :

That’s all for today, more soon if you desire. Just let me know…

Love, Rebecca the Atlantean Messenger
PS: Anwar wants you to know that he is only giving us simple
information that he considers “can do no harm”.
(gee, if he considers this that he has given today Simple,
wonder what more complex info might be like?)

Shall I ask?


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