Thanks Soulmate

Hi- you are now registered for…Secret Way to get your Soulmate.


One ticket gets you entrance to all the classes.

It is the same lesson each time but if you want to clear even more…you are welcome to.


You will get the info to attend by email- (so go check yours now)


Classtimes are…

Sat Dec 3 at 11AM pacific, 1 PM cst, 2 Pm Eastern (new York City)

Sun Dec 4 at 1 Pm pacific, 3 Pm cst, 4 Pm eastern

Mon Dec 5 at 5 PM pacific, 7 Pm cst, 8 Pm eastern

I teach the same class 3 times so more can attend and I can give you more attention.


Your bonus- 7 weeks Soulmate course will come by email as well.

*** If you ordered the written transcript- you will get it about ten days after the last class.

If you did not order it…and you want it- get it for only 7.77



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2 Responses to “Thanks Soulmate”

  1. Barbara on December 3rd, 2011 10:02 am

    Rebecca, thank you, so very much, for helping me get through
    some very difficult times in my life through your teachings. You are truly and Angel in my life, walking Earth, and you have truly found your calling. Love Barbara from Harrisburg, PA

  2. Barb Volkmann on December 13th, 2011 2:40 am

    Hi Rebecca,
    I just paid for the Secret Way to get your Soulmate….I see that you already held this class, so I thought that I would receive an audio for it. I paid via Paypal, but got nothing.
    Can you send me the audio recording, please?

    Thanks !

    Barb Volkmann

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