How to Get READY for More Money

In a few weeks, I will be teaching the most powerful class on abundance that has ever been revealed to me. I cannot teach it yet because so many of us are not ready.

What? Not ready? Are you crazy? Rebecca!

*Only $14.10 with Black Friday Coupon (70)

Here is what Spirit said to do first… “Rebecca take care of the hidden fears that paralyze us and don’t allow us the abundance we deserve…  and then the rest will be easy”.

Did you know that according to the National Endowment for Financial Education, a whopping 70% of people who gain a sudden financial windfall lose it all within a very short time?

Sadly, not only do they lose the funds, they often lose spouse, friends, and wind up far worse.


The number one reason is… They don’t know how to set boundaries – to say “no” – so they get the life leeched right out of them.

In other words, they have no plan for what to do with increased abundance and old sabotage patterns take them over.

So, how does this apply to you?

  • What is IN YOUR WAY of gaining more financial security?
  • How do you know if YOU HAVE SABATOGING BLOCKS?

Here are some signs you need healing…

A.You have never been able to attract sufficient income even though opportunities have presented themselves. (You may even have great education or training with no successes)

B.You have been able to attract more finances but only kept it for a short while.

C.When you did attract more abundance you attracted an equal or greater bill or tragedy.

D.(This could be the MOST Important) You have a hard time saying “no” to family, friends, and even strangers.

E.You feel guilty when you have plenty and others don’t.

F.You are worried about the ‘tax man’.

G.You have a LOW FINANCIAL SET POINT you can never seem to rise above.


REMEMBER THIS… “you will never get a healthy, sustainable increase in income until your energy is ready to handle it”


All the classes I teach are channeled directly from Spirit and this one is no exception.

In this class you will learn :

*How an inability to set boundaries massacres your chance for financial success.

*How to learn to set boundaries.

*What caused your “fear of having more”

*What detrimental decisions have you made about yourself, God and the world and how to heal that.

*Discover your “limiting financial set point”, why you have it, and how to transform it.

*Let go of your deepest, hidden fears about having more.

*Why you attract more debt along with any increase and how to heal that.

*Why you feel guilty if you have more than others and how to heal that.

*We will release any spiritual, ancestral “curses” that could be part of this issue.


Now- go within- to your heart center and ask if this healing  is what your heart has been yearning for.

Audio Course Information:

Class Length: 90 minutes
Price: $47

*Only $14.10 with Black Friday Coupon (70)

Audio Class Option:Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class.  Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.

Just do as you are guided.

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