Advanced Class on Near Death Experience, Plus Pet Bonus!

Advanced Class on Near Death
(Plus Bonus: How to Bring Back Your Pet)

Why fear death when you can be in total control?

"Mellen is an encyclopedia of the afterlife." ~ Deepak Chopra Mellen is featured in Deepak’s book, Life After Death.

I sponsored Mellen Thomas Benedict to teach us what he learned on the other side on how we can direct our own transition or NDE experience.

Nobody likes to think about it but one thing is for sure…we will all make a transition from this life to the next. As Abraham says, "We will get up and leave the movie"

You may have heard wonderful "crossing over" stories where no-one wants to come back.

You may have also heard the horror stories about people who have had spooky, dark experiences.

Mellen will teach us what causes the ‘spooky" experiences and how we can make absolutely sure it does NOT happen to us.

This class will teach you how to insure that your own transition is blissful, cognitive, and you are aware of everything that is happening.

When you make your transition, would you prefer to be a clueless passenger or… to be in the drivers seat of the experience?

Yes, the unknown is always scary but thanks to Mellen’s experience and ongoing research, we now have a pioneer to pave the way for our understanding.

What would you like to know before you begin your transition?

  • Would you like to know how to pop in and check up on your children before you go?
  • Would you like to see how their lives will turn out?
  • Would you like to know how to visit any place or anyone on earth before you go all the way through the Light?

Just think how thrilling to learn how to improve your "life review" by taking certain steps now.

What if you could begin to heal hurts now so they show up as plusses instead of minuses in your life review?

What if we could have a fully conscious death and a fully conscious re-birth?

You know how it is in a plane just before take off…

The flight crew tells you everything to do in case of an emergency. The first time you hear it, this can bring up all kinds of scary, morbid thoughts but after a few times, you barely pay attention. That is becasue you are now comfortable with the information.

Well, why not have all the info you need, "in case of emergency" so you will be well prepared when the time comes?

Once you know what to expect it is not half as scary.

What makes Mellen qualified to teach you this?

Not only did he have a very long documented death experience but he goes back to the Light every day for more information.

He has done this in laboratory settings at major think tanks and in one well documented study at the University of Texas at Denton.

Dr. Janice Holden, with the University of North Texas and president of International Association of near-death Studies (IANDS).

"Mellen-Thomas, under hypnosis, was able to give accurate information about and draw the genetic makeup of a rare neuromuscular disease. I was astounded by this. It’s not the kind of thing where one could cheat."

Lee Pulos, Ph.D., Author of "Miracles and Other Realities," Former President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Senior Psychologist to the Olympic Team Canada.

"Mellen is able, while in trance, to see into microcosmic structures. although he maintains awareness in a hyper-alert state, it is clear that he is able to simultaneously span several octaves of consciousness, from which he can acquire biological information that is extraordinary."

So, yes, Mellen is absolutely qualified to teach you how to have a fearless, beautiful transiton or Near Death Experience.

None of us know when this will come and hopefully it is a long way off. Being prepared does not mean you are quickening your journey. Knowing what to expect and how to make it better can take a load of worry off your mind. Why not have a more joy-filled life knowing you are the pilot of your future?

Listen in & Join Mellen and I in this unprecedented class and enjoy 2 outstanding bonuses.

BONUS- # 1. Mellen causally mentioned that he knows how to bring his pets back into his life thru re-incarnation. He has brought one beloved pet back 3 times already!

Because I am a pet lover myself, I asked Mellen if he would teach us how to bring back our pets at the end of this class …just for a bonus – he said "YES", and I hope you are as thrilled as I am!

If you’d like to purchase this, please click below at the affordable price of $67.


What I loved about the advanced class on the Near Death Experience.

*I loved how Mellen taught us exactly what to do if this ever happens to us.

*I love the fact that with knowledge brings peace and knowing that I can be in control of the whole deal makes it awesome.

*I especially loved how Mellen taught us how to stay in touch with our departed loved ones right now.

*I loved learning how to heal certain relationships metaphysically so we won’t have trauma in our life review.

*I absolutely loved what Mellen taught about bringing our pets back to us in another body. He gave great step by step instructions on this.

Mellen is one of the only NDE persons I know that goes back to the Light every single day.

He has even gone back to the Light in a laboratory and brought back information that astounded the scientists.

I could listen to him for hours and never be bored.

If you’d like to purchase this audio, please click below at the affordable price of $67.

Class Information:

Date / Time: TBA. Please contact Rebecca for details.
Class Length:
Price: $67
Audio Class Option: Yes. You will receive 2 different audio/MP3 versions of the same class. Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do not multi-task.

Just do as you are guided.