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Chapter 1 – Ancient Ancestors Took On Souls

Jesus was never surprised when he did a miracle. He knew it would happen.

It just was. Name your own miracle and don’t be surprised when it happens.

~Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Holy Flame

When the world was young, it had no need of human life. Earth as a living entity was very happy growing, blossoming, creating, becoming. The Earth communicated with itself and then…

Earth became lonely, craving something else. This living entity Earth craved other beings, beings who would recognize Her as a living entity and who would communicate with Her.

The Earth longed to nurture and sustain life forms that had the capacity to appreciate, and so as extensions of life itself, men came to Earth, appeared upon the Earth, were created by the Earth in a rudimentary form.

It was the Earth Herself who nurtured and divinely grew the man species until one day the Creatrix Sophia and her consort Father God looked upon this creation of the Earth, the living entity, and said, “Let us make man in our own image.”