Meet Rebecca...

Rebecca "Rebecca is one of the most vivacious women I know.  She lives with heart and smarts!  She leads her work through the direction and guidance of a very big heart, and adds to that the smarts of a very brilliant woman.  Anything she does is sure to make a difference because she is only doing it from the direction of spirit and she will only do what she deeply cares about.  My life is more blessed and FUN by knowing and experiencing Rebecca."

-Carol Tuttle, master energy healer and bestselling author of "Remembering Wholeness".

Rebecca is a best-selling author and self-development leader.

Her book, "30 Angel Steps to Prosperity", has been translated into several languages and is available free at her official website.

Rebecca lives in Houston , Texas and is the mother of five children.

You can keep up to date with all of Rebecca's work online at her official site: