Unstoppable Confidance

 I hold a firm conviction: if you yearn for something, that very thing is yearning for you in return, calling you towards it.
So, what’s your heart’s desire at this very moment?
More often than not, the only thing standing between us and our goals is a mere lack of confidence. 
Ever wondered what the biggest Confidence Crusher is?
It’s the act of comparing ourselves with others!
So, I’ve created an audio specially for you, taking you through an energy exercise designed to boost your confidence and make it clear that YOU can.

Audio Unstoppable Confidence

When I catch myself  comparing  my reach to other healers  making a larger impact… I remind myself that we are ALL reaching the audiance who are ready for the gifts  we have to offer.
Your gifts are reving up to be in service…it may only be the  ‘lack of confidence’ that is holding you back!
You know, us Lightworkers just want to serve more!
We want more than anything to triumph in our soul purpose…it DRIVES us!
It is urgent that we have the confidence to share our own gifts when guided by Spirit.
The audio will help you.
With love,
Rebecca Marina
Creator of Stargate Mysteries/ Tesla Method of Frequency Healing.
PS: If you like the audio, share it with someone you care about.
PPS: If you have visited the page for The June healing event, you may be thinking…”Oh Lordy, that is just overwhelming! I could NEVER learn all that stuff in two days!”
PPPS: No worries…you are exposed to it all, yet you may resonate with only one or two techniques.
When I attended my last 5 day retreat on healing… only ONE or two of the techniques made a huge impact on me.
(In those 5 days there were at least 3 new techniques taught each day!)
June 17th, 18th,on Zoom.

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