Texas Freeze of 2021

If you have been wondering WHY you  have not heard from me in a few days…here’s why.


I live in the Houston Texas area and we have been frozen!

It rarely gets below 50 here and we are simply NOT equipped to handle the large amount of Snow, Sleet, and freezing rain that has been here since early Monday.


Millions are without power, water or internet. I am staying with my daughter and she has also opened her home to a friend and her two four-legged.

So we are a total of five dogs and five people in the house.
We are so grateful to have shelter as so many are in far worse shape than we are!

The power came back on briefly yesterday in time for us to take a much needed bath. NOTHING gets you in the spirit of gratitude like a hot bath after a few days of no water!


This morning our power is back on and I dearly HOPE and pray it stays on!

I am taking this opportunity to let you all know that we are OK and that Spirit is strong in the midst of it all.

As a matter of fact…in my morning prayer time, I got the most forward- propelling revelation ever!

I will be sharing that with you soon!


Here are some photos of the snow.

Your prayers are appreciated, multiplied and returned to you laden with blessings for YOUR life too!


Love, Rebecca
PS: If you have tried to contact me with NO response…now you know why. WE are praying the power stays on even though a new storm is headed our way.

My prayers are for you as well, wherever you are!


Tobias went running out to do his morning business and decided…he would just wait!


  1. Our front doorway.

2. Tropical Back yard.

3. Finally I get a chance to wear that hat!

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