Mother Azna Healing Event

Recently, I polled my readers to tell me WHAT they need the MOST help with.

The results were a bit surprising.

  • Health was first.
  • Close second was money problems.
  • Love and relationship issues were third.
  • Concern for the world situation was also in there.

Divine Mother Azna has asked me to hold a WORLDWIDE Healing Event for you!

August 22, 2020 at 3 PM eastern, 2 PM central, 12 noon pacific.

About the Healing Event:

Divine Mother Azna ( Divine Mother is known by Azna  in the Heavenly Realms)
Azna will present a healing technique that can be used for ANY problem in your life.
Summary of Event:
  • Azna will be channeling thru me so …expect anything!
  • Healing of Health issues
  • Big Money Blessing (bring your wallets, purses…or a BIG Bag to hold this blessing!)

Azna will be Guiding me to tune in to specific health problems.

If I call out YOUR problem, you will place your hand on the screen to receive  an outpouring of Holy Spirit Healing Light!
Supplies Needed: Water, pen, paper. Your wallet, purse or receptacle for Big Money Blessing.
I look forward to Bringing you THIS Blessing!
Love, Rebecca

Free or a Love Offering

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