You Can Do No wrong in My Eyes

A while back, I was having a phone conversation with one of my daughters.

She was feeling guilty about something she said to someone.

After she told me all about it she said…”Momma do you think I am a terrible person for saying that?”

Tears filled my eyes as I responded…”Honey, you can do no wrong in my eyes”

There was silence on the other end of the line as she took this in...I could FEEL her heart lighten!

Then I thought…GEE, no one has ever said such a thing to me!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these was someone who thought I could do no wrong in their eyes?

This has got to be coming directly from Divine Mother!

What if we let HER take us under her wings and say SWEET things to us?

So I decided to make a video for all the world to watch!

You can do no wrong in my eyes!

Watch video… Then pass it on to bless someone else!

Now, isn’t it true that just when you are starting  to let Yourself be loved a little bit…

That HORRIBLE INNER CRITIC raises their ugly face to you and shoots you down.

To go along with the sweet words of “You can do no wrong in my eyes”

I have created a mini workshop for you. Banish Your Inner Critic for Good!

I this video I share the story of my Pentecostal preacher daddy.

He called me out… right in the middle of his hellfire and brimstone sermon!

Must watch!

Watch Video Mini workshop

Be a love and pass along…

Be my valentine???



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